I Am #TeamCardi After Her Altercation With Nicki
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I Am #TeamCardi After Her Altercation With Nicki

If you have beef with someone, leave their kids out of it.

Cardi B & Nicki Minaj

You have no doubt heard about the alleged "fight" between the two queens of rap at the NY Fashion Week party on Friday night. Words were exchanged, a shoe was thrown, and Cardi was escorted out by security with a big bump over her eye. What exactly happened though?

For a couple of years, it's been speculated that Nicki and Cardi have a secret feud that has always been bubbling and waiting to get out. They have both denied it, stating that fans and the media have created the beef for entertainment purposes. Although, there has been a lot of digs towards another person from both rappers in their music, while neither ever confirming they were speaking about the other. Nevertheless, there's been tension.

The incident that broke the camel's back and sent Cardi into a rage, though, was apparently nothing but a liked tweet. Cardi tweeted support for defamed young rapper Kodak Black, who is accused of being a rapist and pedophile. Another person on twitter quote tweeted Cardi and said: "The message she is sending as a mother to a baby girl by supporting a rapist is unsettling & uncomfortable to me." Nicki liked this new tweet.

Side note: Nicki recently released a collaboration with rapper 6ix9ine, who pled guilty to a "Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance" charge in 2015. A bit of hypocrisy here, but that's a talk for another time.

Fast forward to the NY Fashion Week party, and according to reports, Cardi attempted to approach Nicki's table but was thwarted by security, leading Cardi to yell for Nicki to come to her. Nicki refused and Cardi continued to yell expletives and kept trying to get to Nicki, but was not able to. She says "like some s*** about my kid again." A shoe is thrown somewhere in the mess, Cardi is elbowed in the face, and is later made to leave with a ripped dress and no shoes.

Wow, the "feud" seems to have come full circle. As you would imagine, the opinions on who was justified and who was wrong are split. Pro Nicki comments state that Cardi was acting "hood" and that there is a time and place for things. And since Nicki didn't actually say anything about Cardi's daughter, then she had no business acting like that at a high-class event.

Cardi fans say that she was justified and Nicki is just a bully who raps about fighting but is too scared to actually do it in real life.

Where do I stand?

I was never a fan of Cardi B, for personal reasons that have no justification because I don't know the woman in real life. I have been a Nicki fan and like a few of her songs. However, I have heard things saying that both women have been problematic in the past, so it goes to show that we really don't know any of these celebrities in their true form. A lot of gossip and false statements are thrown in with the truth. After all, that's what keeps fans interested and engaged.

In this particular case, I can't help but 100% understand where Cardi was coming from. Even if the tweet did not mention her daughter by name, it was indicating that her child was not being properly cared for. And that will snowball into a child not being raised a decent person. So yes, when you attack someone's parenting, you are attacking their children as well. And when you attack someone's child, all bets are off.

With me being a mother myself, if anyone ever talks badly of my kids, I will not be able to control my anger. I don't care if we were in a 7-11 parking lot or having tea with the Queen. I will not text you "hey, that pissed me off. Fight later at my house?" No, my momma bear will be released and there is no stopping it. If you're a mom, you understand what I'm saying.

Now, I don't agree with Cardi supporting Kodak Black. I do not condone rape or pedophilia from anyone or in any situation. I also don't agree with Nicki thinking a tweet about her supposed friends' kid was okay.

I'm a mother and I get it. Maybe if I wasn't, I would feel differently. For now, I can see why Cardi tried to throw hands. You can say whatever you want about me. Do NOT bring my child into it.

We shall see how this develops. At least we know that when Cardi raps about fighting, she means it.

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