What does it mean to be nice?

Why is being nice even important at all?

With so many events taking place every day in the world, I feel like some people forget to ask themselves these questions. In today's society, everyone is busy doing something, whether it be working, going to school, taking care of others or even just walking their dog, everyone is always doing something. Most people tend to live by their own agendas and deadlines, so it can be easy to forget some simple concepts, like being nice.

Today, most people are pretty self-centered and only think about their lives and what they have to do for themselves. But honestly, it's understandable. I think I can speak for everyone when I say sometimes I get too caught up in things happening in my life that I don't really consider others as much as I should. With all of this being said, being nice is still important and shouldn't be forgotten.

Let's go back to my two original questions, what does it mean to be nice and why is it important? Being nice can involve so many different scenarios, from the basic everyday interactions with people to donating a kidney. Being nice could mean saying hello to a stranger or giving someone a compliment, just smiling more at people, offering help to someone who looks like they need it, checking in on friends and family, volunteering at local food pantries, being an organ donor, saving a life, the list could go on and on.

With all of these options for being nice, why not use some of them in your day-to-day life? Also, why is being nice even important? The answer to that is simple, it makes you feel better and the person you are helping or complementing feel better too. I've never heard someone say, "man, I wish that guy wouldn't have told me he liked my shoes today." We all love to be complimented.

People like to be noticed sometimes and to feel included. Meaning, when you compliment someone, it really does have an impact on them and make their day a little better. As I previously mentioned, being nice also makes that person feel better too, by knowing they are making someone else's day better.

One of my favorite quotes by Gandi is, "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." I think of this quote often when I volunteer or even in my everyday interactions with people. I believe theres a lot of truth to this quote because one really can learn more about themselves while helping others, interestingly enough.

I hope by reading this, it allows you to think back and reflect a little. I know and understand everyone is busy living their own lives, but it's important to still remember to practice some core values every day or to make it a point to try to be nice and considerate of others because everyone could use a little boost sometimes. Life is busy, unexpected, and hectic, but that's no excuse to be a jerk because everyone is in the same boat, so just be nice.