Nice Meeting You, Summer
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Student Life

Nice Meeting You, Summer

As we grow up, summer begins to be all work and no play.

Nice Meeting You, Summer

I remember the days where I would be in grade school, counting down until it was finally summer break. There was no better time to be alive than when it was summer, full of going to the pool, staying up late, and getting to play with my friends whenever I wanted to. Based on those three perks of summer, you can see that they all share one thing in common, no responsibility. When I was younger, summer was easy. No work and all play. You were never stressing out about summer classes or trying to work as many hours you can. Nice meeting you, summer.

As we grow up, our roles in society switch, we aren't only seen as the young generation but we are now to the point in our lives that the training wheels are being taken off and we're thrown into the lions den in which we call the big world. Jetting off from high school to college was the first step, saying goodbye to those after school jobs to now taking 15-18 credit hours along with maybe having a job if we have the time. Then from college, we take on society as being the breadwinners and working 40+ hours a week as well as beginning to pay off those torturous student loans. From having little to no responsibility, to having a full plate of it.

I recently was sitting at work, a job in which I work 40 hours a week as well as taking a summer course, thinking how different my summer is and how it will never be the same from this point on. There is no more going to the pool unless I plan it a week or so in advance, no more staying up late because I work at 7a.m. every morning, and there is no getting to play with my friends whenever I wanted to because everyone is too busy to hangout because of clashing work schedules or other commitments. We are thrown into the "9-5p.m." scenario where we are now looked to be responsible adults. I now fully realize how great the times where I was able to sit at home and watch TV all day during summer while my parents were at work. I feel your pain, Mom and Dad.

I know it's all a part of growing up, but still, I miss you, summer.

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