NFL Players Have Been Silently, Peacefully Protesting

This NFL preseason hasn't lasted long, yet it has scored the attention of our Twitter infamous president. The reason behind this is to show our country, publically, that these players believe in equality. Especially considering the number of players that are of color, is this really a surprise?

We all have heard stories, or seen them online, in the news, or even on twitter. People of color are getting mistreated simply because of the color of their skin. This has happened since the beginning of the human race, but people are trying to change it. Why would you stand for a country that doesn't treat everyone equal?

There has been time after time where, recently, police officers have KILLED people of color because they "thought they were a threat," "thought they had a gun," etc. I remember reading about a white college student slowly poisoning her black roommate. Lynching is still happening here, now; some without media coverage. Threats about sensitive topics like this are still happening now.

The national anthem is a song of pride for our country. Who wants to be proud of a country that mistreats its people? Some say that not standing for the national anthem is terrible because of all of the people who went to war to save our freedom and our lives, who died trying. But isn't that what they did? To allow us to have freedom of speech? To allow us to do what we please? They fought for equality and if we're not getting that isn't protesting a good idea?

These players are taking away the respect that the country gets, but doesn't deserve. This is equivalent to "Black Lives Matter." The second the movement started, people started saying "Blue lives matter." That discredits what people were trying to do. They wanted this country to know, that what has been going on is messed up. The NFL players are doing the same thing and getting the same backlash. They are peacefully protesting the inequalities that are common in the US.

I believe in equality. I believe in equality for every person, no matter his or her race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status. Hearing all of these stories about the racial inequalities make me upset at my country for doing this. I'm glad celebrities are taking a stand. America's most beloved sport's, football, players are taking a stand. Or, doing the opposite, they are kneeling during the country's national anthem. I am a white woman. I do have a few qualities about myself that put me in the minority. But, I am in the majority for my race. I believe that these NFL players are doing the right thing.

For our PRESIDENT to say that they should be fired, for practicing their freedom of speech, simply shows how unqualified he is for the job. The President should be encouraging peaceful protests. He or she should be trying to fix the problem, help raise more awareness. The president shouldn't bring people down, trying to cut their pay is ridiculous. Maybe it even shows how much people need this, to realize how bad people of color have been treated.

These NFL protests have made people angry, made others proud, but most importantly they have made people talk. They make the news, the president, and many other people with public influence speak up for people of color. Hopefully, these protests have done what they're supposed to do: raise awareness. With all the talk about them, I know they have. With every controversial issue, there will always be people on both sides; one disagreeing and one agreeing. What both of them have in common is they're talking about the issue. Currently, that is the first step to stopping these inequalities. Hopefully, these athletes keep up the good work and don't stop kneeling.

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