NFL Head Coaching Carousel Predictions
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NFL Head Coaching Carousel Predictions

Predicting who will be the new head coach for each of the 5 open NFL jobs!

NFL Head Coaching Carousel Predictions

While the NFL Playoffs are in full swing over half of the teams offseason has already begun. So far there are currently 5 new Head Coach positions available for the 2023 season. Each of the teams has been compiling potential candidates and begun the interview process. Based off of pedigree and what each team needs here are predications for who will get the job for each team.

Arizona Cardinals: The Arizona Cardinals are coming off a rough 4-13 season that saw Kliff Kingsbury getting fired. The current known candidates for the head coaching opening are former Saints coach Sean Payton, DeMeco Ryans of the 49ers, Steelers assistant Brian Flores and former Colts head coach Frank Reich. This is tricky landing spot at the Cardinals seem to be starting a rebuild but already have a franchise QB in Kyler Murray on the roster. The best guess here is Frank Reich getting the job. Frank did a great job rebuilding the Colts to a consistent playoff contended when he first got hired there. He is also a great offensive minded coach and somewhat touted as a QB whisper around the league. Expect Frank Reich to be the front runner with Sean Payton as the next possible option.

Carolina Panthers: The Carolina Panthers fired Head Coach Matt Rhule midway through the season after going 17-33 in his tenure and a 1-4 start to the 2022 season. The Panthers appointed Steve Wilks as their interim head coach and he helped lead the team to finish the season with a 6-6 record and just miss winning the NFC South division. Wilks seems to be the odds on favorite to get the head coaching job in Carolina. It was known throughout the year that the players loved him and played hard for him. It's also apparent he had a good grasp on the team by just missing out on the playoffs after a terrible start to the season with Rhule. Other known candidates for the position are Bills OC Ken Dorsey, Frank Reich and Cowboys OC Kellen Moore.

Denver Broncos: The Denver Broncos are going into their second offseason looking for a new head coach after firing last seasons hire Nathaniel Hackett after an abysmal 4-11 record. After trading for Russell Wilson and having big expectations Hackett never seemed to cut it. The current big targets for the Broncos consists of Sean Payton, Cowboys DC Dan Quinn and former Stanford HC David Shaw. Denver seems to be the least desirable head coaching opening at this time and I don't expect any of the big coaches wanting to end up here. I expect David Shaw to be the guy to get the job in Denver. Shaw has been a longtime college coach that many teams have wanted to lead their team in the NFL. He is a great offensive mind and should be able to make a positive impact on Wilson and the offensive all while keeping their defense strong.

Houston Texans: The Houston Texans are coming off back to back years of firing their head coach after one season, with Lovie Smith being the latest victim. This spot seems to be the most intriguing of all the openings. Houston has a young roster, lots of draft capital and good cap space to bring in key vets. The Texans short list consists of Sean Payton, both of the Eagles coordinators and DeMeco Ryans. This seems like the best landing spot for Sean Payton to come out of retirement for. Sean is an offensive guru and with the second overall pick can hand pick his QB from this years draft to develop. The Texans also have a second first round pick in this years draft which happens to be the asking price by the Saints in order to land Payton. Everything here is the perfect storm for Paytons NFL comeback.

Indianapolis Colts: The Indianapolis Colts fired long time coach Frank Reich midway through the season after going 3-5-1 to start the season. They then brought in interim coach Jeff Saturday, who may have done a worse job, going 1-7. Jim Irsay has an interesting choice ahead of him with candidates such as Saturday, Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, and Dan Quinn on the shortlist. My mind is telling me that Eric Bieniemy lands this job and pairs the Colts stout defense with his great offensive prowess. The colts will be looking to upgrade at QB and Beiniemy's work with Patrick Mahomes should have him as the obvious choice here. Unfortunately, my gut tells me that Jim Irsay decides to stick it out with Jeff Saturday and continues to struggle for another year.

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