ABC Should Choose One Of These Men as The Next Bachelor

Hey ABC, Choose From These 9 Men To Be The Bachelor, Unless You Want Another Disappointing Season

Honestly, any of these guys would be excellent choices.


Back in the spring, I wrote a list of girls who I thought would make excellent choices for the upcoming season of "The Bachelorette," and now that Becca's season is almost over and she will be (hopefully) getting engaged this upcoming Monday night, it's time to start thinking about the next season of "The Bachelor." With a slew of guys to choose from this season, plus all the many men from previous seasons of the show, there are plenty of men to choose from for the job of handing out roses. One of these 9 men should be the next "Bachelor," no questions asked.

1. Jason Tartick, Becca's season


This cutie from Buffalo, New York is probably the front-runner in most people's minds to be the next leading man. He showed the most class while getting broken up with than possibly anyone else in the show's history. It's all over Twitter, #jasonforbachelor.

2. Colton Underwood, Becca's season


Colton is truly such a wonderful guy. He is going to "Bachelor in Paradise" and will probably go on atleast one date with Tia from Arie's season, but let's hope that doesn't work out so he'll have a shot at being the next Bachelor.

3. Peter Kraus, Rachel's season


Still upset that it wasn't Peter last season, but guess what ABC? You have the chance to redeem yourself by giving us Peter this season, especially now that he's had the time to fully get over Rachel, which he might not have had last season.

4. Eric Bigger, Rachel's season


Another man from Rachel's season who would make an outstanding "Bachelor". He has so much energy and I believe he will make some girl super happy one day, so why not make it some girl from a TV show??

5. Luke Pell, JoJo's season


Another guy who should have gotten the gig, only to be replaced by someone no one wanted (cough cough, Nick Viall). We never got a Luke season like we all wanted, so maybe he'll finally get his turn.

6. Ben Higgins, Kaitlyn's season


My one true love of the "Bachelor" franchise. I know what you're thinking-"Ben has already been Bachelor." Okay, yes, but he was a dang good one. Like only Sean Lowe is probably more popular than him after 22 seasons of the show. Plus, he deserves to find true love more than possibly anyone else, so if it's not with me, then it should at least play out on television.

7. Wills Reid, Becca's season


Such a cutie and such a fashionista. I want Wills to be "The Bachelor" just so I can enjoy his clothes for an entire season. Plus he was always super sweet and respectful to Becca, so I'm sure that would continue into his own season.

8. Dean Unglert, Rachel's season


A front-runner for the previous season until he was a jerk on "Bachelor in Paradise," but I think he learned his lesson and would be great at handing out roses himself.

9. Jordan Kimball, Becca's season


Because how could this not be enjoyable to watch?

Any of these nine men would make ABC proud by being their leading man in the next season of "The Bachelor." I just beg you, ABC, don't let us down like the previous two seasons. This is who we want, so have your pick, but make it a good one.

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21 Reasons You Should Date Someone Who Was A Camp Counselor

Spouse and parent material, all wrapped up in an animal shirt, Nike shorts, and Chacos.

1. They shop at Goodwill mostly... low maintenance you could say?

SEE ALSO: The ABC's Of Summer Camp

2. They are pretty awesome at talking to parents... opening days have given good practice for them. Give them 15 minutes and they will become best friends with your parents.

3. Their best friends actually are long you can wait a while to meet their besties who will want to know everything about you and make sure your intentions are good.

4. They have learned how to look decently presentable without showering for a week... maybe may or may not like this one.

5. They are always down for adventure... sure let's hike for eight miles uphill in the middle of the week!

6. They know what it is like to be woken up at 2 a.m. because someone wet their bed... mom training.

7. They also know how to give the "modest is hottest" talk to the teenage campers... and will help give you a classy future daughter.

8. Building fires is their hidden talent... if you ever get stuck on a deserted island with them they can help you.

9. Animal shirts are a common clothing item... they know how to have fun.

10. They throw killer dance parties... ones your grandma would approve of.

11. They are used to being publicly embarrassed for others (their campers') enjoyment... and usually can take a joke or prank well.

12. They also know how to prank you back... summer camp prepares you for awesome prank wars.

13. If you want to see her with no makeup on just look at her camp photos... natural beauty?

14. They actually love children... they chose to spend a whole summer loving other people's kids; imagine how awesome they will treat their own.

15. Chances are they are a really fun person and will bring out your inner child... yes, climb that random tree and paint your face because it is Wednesday.

16. Their "real job" will come later in life... they will end up being successful. Most employers love to hire former counselors, so it is not a waste of a summer.

17. They know how to hide their favorites in life really well... so if they choose to date you they are basically saying you are their favorite and that is a big deal to them.

18. They have learned how to eat unhealthy food every day for a whole summer and stay in shape... or try to at least.

19. They also are obviously not a diva when it comes to material needs...they went a whole summer without even air conditioning and never complained.

20. If they love you anything like they love their campers your needs will always be put first...they are some of the most selfless people you will ever meet.

21. They love God, living for Him, and have already made a difference in many children's lives... they are the real MVPS.

If you are still looking for a place to work this summer and love adventure, Jesus, and children, apply for Camp Crestridge for Girls; they still have many positions available. I'll be there so you should too!

If you are a boy apply for Camp Ridgecrest for Boys!

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13 Reasons Adam Doleac Should Be Your New Celebrity Crush

He's sure to be #1 on your Spotify playlist AND in your heart.


If you like country music, (or even if you don't THINK you do) and you haven't heard of Adam Doleac yet, you need to look him up ASAP. With his music rapidly climbing the charts, Adam is set to be the next big country artist, but there's more to him than just some guy who can strum a couple chords.

1. Have you heard his music? Because it's like, REALLY good.

By combining good old country lyrics with modern meanings and his strong and gritty voice, Adam creates a soulful and epic ballad that is sure to quickly become your new favorite. With popular songs like Bigger Than Us, Whiskey's Fine, and Puzzle Of Us, he is rapidly gaining traction and credibility in the world of music artists.

2. He's also not too bad on the eyes. 

There's something about a man who can belt out a nice strong country song AND look good while doing it.

3. He's just a hard working guy from Mississippi.

Mom and Daddy's Money says it all.

4. He played baseball in college, so I mean, obviously.

Baseball boys win. All the time.

5. He's passionate about his music.

His songs are full of soul and meaning and you can tell how passionate he is when he sings. Hang on, I've gotta go check my heart rate.

6. Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are big fans, so I mean, you probably should be too. 

These icons obviously know good music when they hear it.

7. He's got a good variety of songs.

No matter what mood you're in, there's always a country bop for you, and there's a variety of places you can listen, too. One of his biggest supporters is Sirius XM, and in 2017 he was a featured artist on the Highway Finds Tour. He has also snagged a publishing deal with Sony/ATV, and has co-written songs for a wide range of major country artists like Darius Rucker and Kane Brown, just to name a few.

8. Speaking of his music, (which I'm assuming by now you've already listened to) doesn't it make you want to just jam out?

Picture this, you're riding backroads with your friends or your bae, windows down, wind blowing through your hair, Famous is turned up full volume, all is well in the world.

9. Did I already mention that he's hot?

Kate Dearman

Case. And. Point.

10. He's kicking off his tour in his hometown of Hattiesburg.

There's nothing like a guy who acknowledges his roots and loves his hometown.

11. He has a rescue dog. A RESCUE DOG.


12. He's pretty much the sweetest guy ever. 

Literally, every other picture on his Instagram is of him and his girlfriend with a sweet caption about how great she is and how much he loves her. If that's not the sweetest thing ever, then I don't know what is. Guys who show off their girls always win, all the time. Period.

13. He's passionate and hard working, two things that are hard to come by in today's society. 

Through all the music, Adam has remained true to his belief that hard work is essential to success. His passion for music and his strong work ethic have been the driving factors behind his career.

Whether you're a seasoned country music fan, a newbie, or have never listened to country music before in your life, Adam's music is worth a listen because honestly it's so good, and before you know it you'll be jamming to all his new hits. Adam Doleac is sure to find his way into your fangirl heart.

Give his latest music a listen here.

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