Newsflash: High School Never Ends
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Student Life

Newsflash: High School Never Ends

"Nothing changes but the faces, names, and trends."

Newsflash: High School Never Ends

Back when I was in high school, I remember my classmates all being excited for graduation and entering the world of college or the work world. On a daily basis, phrases like, “I’m so ready to meet new people and make new friends,” “I’m sick of being told what to do; I can’t wait for complete freedom,” and “I’m sick of this high school drama,” would leave my classmates’ (and my own) lips. And yes, we were somewhat right in thinking life after high school would provide us with new relationships and more freedoms. However, the idea that one can fully escape the status quo, regimented lifestyle, and drama of high school after graduation isn’t realistic. The fact of the matter is, life is just one big continuation of high school, complete with bullies and “mean girls,” rules, as well as drama.

Foremost, as you grow up and spread your wings, you’ll constantly encounter new people. People who were your best friends at 17 may not be your best friends at 21; likewise, your best friends at 21 may not be your best friends when you’re 55. That’s practically a guarantee; unless your life is a literal romantic comedy. However, what I’m saying is that though the physical people may change, the characters and roles of these people around you don’t. For example, your “goof-off” friend of first grade named Albert that ate glue with you is different from your “goof-off” friend of sophomore year named Alyssa who helped you egg your least favorite teacher’s house. Yes, Albert and Alyssa may be different people who you met at different times in your life, but essentially, they each served the same purpose in your life at the respective times they crossed paths with you. In life, the faces of your friends and acquaintances will always be changing, but the people behind those faces really won’t.

Secondly, bullies and “mean girls” will always have a presence in your life, whether you’re 5, 18, or 30 years old. At certain times, they may take the form of a gaggle of high-heel-wearing makeup-obsessed teenage girls, while other times they may take the form of power-abusing bosses who expect your life to revolve around your career. An office or workplace you work in adulthood will be packed full of people who might try to undermine or bully you, unfortunately. I’d love to be able to tell you people grow up and mature past the stage of needing to bully others, but that’s just not the truth. There's bullies in a kindergarten classroom, just like there's bullies in a nursing home.

Additionally, like in high school, you'll always compare yourself to others. In high school, it's often easy to distinguish the "popular" kids from the "unpopular" kids, just by simply comparing their clothing. The popular kids are wearing the latest, more expensive, trendy clothing while the unpopular kids may be one step behind in their fashion. Comparison is a killer, and it doesn't go away. There will always be someone richer, more attractive, and more powerful out there than you, and for whatever reason, you'll always want what you don't have. Whether you're 27, and comparing your wedding photos to your best friend's, or 50, and staring at all the wrinkles covering your face that aren't covering your best friend Shirley's, wishing you could just zap them away.

Next, your life will always be regimented in some way and there will always be rules you’ll have to follow. There is no escaping authority figures, unless you move to an unihabited island and live in isolation for the rest of your existence. Believe it or not, graduating high school doesn’t mean you’re now in complete and utter control of every aspect of your life. In college, there will be guidelines as to what classes you’ll have to take depending on your major in order to graduate. If you’re like me, your parents will be helping you pay for college tuition and other living expenses for awhile after high school graduation, so you probably still will have to follow some of their rules for awhile. Even when you advance further into adulthood, there will still be rules that will dictate aspects of your life. Laws, for example, are sets of rules everyone is expected to uphold. Filing your taxes each year, sadly, is not an optional task.

Lastly, one of the biggest misconceptions of drama is that you’ll primarily deal with drama in your time in high school. I’m here to tell you that this is MOST DEFINITELY NOT the case. Sure, the drama you experience in high school may seem horrible and overdramatic, but believe me, if you think there will be less drama to deal with after high school or that the drama will be less petty, you’re 100 percent incorrect. Like I said before, people do tend to mature as they age, but that’s not always the case. There will always be people who will go behind your back, cheat, lie, and do you wrong for the sole purpose of personal gain or personal pleasure. High school is most definitely not the end of the drama you’ll have to deal with, I can assure you.

In conclusion, life is basically one long continuation of high school. The social relationships, bullies, rules, and drama of high school will not magically go away with your graduation day. Every office has a bully hiding behind a cubicle. Every day you'll have rules to follow, whether it's curfew set by your parents or a parking spot you have to park in so you don't get a ticket. People will always talk behind your back — even if you’re the kindest person out there. So here’s my suggestion for you: get used to these things. Learn how to counteract the bullies, learn how to appreciate authority and rules that govern your life, and learn the importance of accepting who you are and loving yourself, flaws and all. Learn how to thwart the drama that you come across, because in the famous lyrics of the band Bowling For Soup, “high school never ends.”

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