OK, truth time. Ariana Grande is absolutely psychotic. I mean who in their right mind gets engaged with someone equally as crazy as her after only dating for a month. And I could never get past her annoying role in Victorious. Sorry, but not a fan....until now. Ariana's new album shook me to the absolute core because somehow, despite how crazy she is, it's so relatable. Here's 5 all too relatable songs where Ariana left me speechless.

1. 'Thank u, next'

Do I have to say anything more? This song is a big fat mood. It's like thank you for your time, but next! But also, on the less sassier side, thanks for the lessons you've taught me. Each heartbreak is a lesson learned.

the lyrics that hit home: I got so much love, got so much patience. Learned from the pain, turned out amazing.

2. hearing the lyrics "I'm obsessive and I love too hard" in Needy

Damn, why do you have to hit home like that Ariana. @ me next time.

When I love, it's either all in and I love hard or it's nothing at all.

3. the whole entire song of 'In My Head'

Personally, I have a habit of seeing the best in people. It can be my biggest strength, but also my biggest weakness. Sometimes it comes to the point where I start to see things in people that aren't even there. I tend to do this a lot, especially in significant others. When I like someone, I see potential. I see the best of them, ignoring any and all red flags. Like Ariana said, I painted a picture, thinking I knew them well. I got a habit of seeing things that aren't there.

4. Admitting being damaged, but still lovable in Needy

Sorry if i'm up and down a lot. And sorry if I say sorry way too much. You can go ahead and call me selfish, but after all this damage I can't help it. But what you can trust is that I need your touch. I'm gonna scream for what I love, passionate but I don't give no f*cks. I'll admit that I'm a lil' messed up, but I can hide it when I'm all dressed up!

5. (the not too relatable time Ariana left me speechless)

Back to my point of Ariana being crazy, WTF is with the song 'breakup with your girlfriend, i'm bored'? It's rude and disrespectful. Did I mention crazy?

Ariana Grande is still crazy to me, but this whole entire album slaps.