15 New Year's Resolutions As Told By Steve Harrington
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15 New Year's Resolutions As Told By Steve Harrington

Sometimes there's just nothing better than knowing others are also failing miserably.

15 New Year's Resolutions As Told By Steve Harrington

Happy New Year!

As we welcome 2018 into our lives, many of us have a list of resolutions. Many of these lists will include checkboxes for self-improvement, goals we want to achieve in the coming year, and some habits we want to make, or break. Very few of these typically come to fruition (because sadly, there's nothing any more magical or encouraging about starting on a new goal at the start of the year than there is about starting one on a Monday, or the first of the month, like we all try to convince ourselves).

There is, however, something magical (and inspiring) about our favourite pop culture heroes. Enter Steve Harrington.

Steve, the unlikely hero from Netflix's hit series Stranger Things, seems to just *get* us. And now, here are your new year's resolutions (and failures) as told by the man himself.

1. When you're thinking about giving up on your diet:

2. When you've already given up on your diet:

3. When your ex-calls and you swore you were leaving them in 2017:

4. When you're ready to reward yourself after two whole days of sticking with your resolution:

5. When you're ready to tackle your workout:

6. When your friends want to party but you're being more responsible this year:

7. When you go to the party anyway:

8. When you're cutting toxic people out of your life:

9. When your roommate catches you cheating on your resolution:

10. When you're committing to a new beauty routine:

11. When you keep procrastinating instead of following that routine you designed to get your life together:

12. When you see your friends have already given up on their resolutions:

13. When you realize you *accidentally* missed your workout for a whole week:

14. When you're being a bad influence on your accountability partner:

15. When you decide life is too short and you don't care anymore:

Good luck on those resolutions!

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