The celebration of a New Year has become a festive tradition, however, it is, as my friend Sara says, “The celebration of the passing of a figurative construct in a concrete way.”

While it is a good thing to want to change, there are problems that come along with this. Wanting to change for the sake of others and because of the pressure from society is ridiculous. However, wanting to make changes in your life to make your life better or to become a better person is why you should be making those changes.

But, putting the pressure on yourself to immediately begin these changes on the 1st of January also causes problems. You either procrastinate these changes until the 1st or if you struggle to keep these resolutions, then you feel guilty and ashamed.

If you want to make changes in your life, do it. Don’t wait. I know, it’s easier said than done. It takes time to break or create habits. Whether it’s going to the gym four times a week, cooking more meals, remove toxic people in your life, or whatever resolution(s) you may have, it’s always a good time to begin them.

Don’t wait until the passing of a figurative construct to begin making changes in your life, take charge and work to begin them when you want to begin. You can do it. It takes time, hard work, and dedication. You may have setbacks or fail, but that’s ok. Do not be ashamed. You learn as you go, you can do it, and it’s going to be ok. Make 2017 about you, take care of yourself, focus on your needs, go into 2018 a better person.