In 2017, I plan to make things about me. This year was a great year for me. I turned eighteen, graduated high school, and started my first semester at college. I have so much I want to accomplish and I don’t want anything holding me back so I’ve started my New Year’s resolution early. I’m also here to encourage you to do the same. Life is way too short not to go after your dreams, no matter how impossible they might seem. A New Year’s resolution is important because it opens up one goal for you to focus on to better yourself for that year.

The issue everyone seems to have however is sticking with that resolution. Get a support group behind you no matter how small it may be, it’s important. These people will encourage you to stick to your resolution when you need it the most. Also, take small steps to work toward completing your resolution. There’s no need to try and knock it all out with one punch. Whether it’s eating better, saving money, etc. There is a simpler way to do things without having to attack it all at once. Most importantly, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Every aspect of life seems to go better when the mental, spiritual, and physical state of your body is at its best. Hope this helps with your resolution too!

Love, Chantay