New Years Day Is More Important Than Your New Year's Kiss
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Who You Have Your New Year's Kiss With Isn't As Important As Who You Spend New Year's Day With

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By the time December 1st hits, the only thing that becomes important is planning just how you're going to score a kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve. Hopefully cuffing season was successful for you this year and you have a guaranteed cutie to smooch as soon as the clock strikes midnight. If not, you're definitely left scrambling to come up with a game plan of how you're going to entice someone at your NYE party or bar outing to give their sacred New Year's kiss to you.

A New Year's kiss can feel like so much pressure. I mean, you really only get one per year and this is the person that you're locking lips with for the last moment of the old year and the first moment of the new year. If you're even close to as sentimental as I am, the entire concept of a New Year's kiss becomes so stressful and the most important decision to be made during the entire month of December.

However, as much as I stress myself out about the sacred New Year's kiss, I've come to realize that who you spend your day with on New Year's Day is far more important than the person you lock lips with for a few seconds with as the ball drops. Sure, they're the person who you're bringing in the new year with, but other than that, they really don't have any significance. Unless you were lucky enough to kiss the person you've been seeing consistently, it's likely that the random person you and this random person that you choose to spend this moment with won't even remember each other after a few days have passed.

There's so little to be said about one simple kiss that you feel obligated to do. But the person you spend New Years Day with, is someone who holds much more importance to you, whether you'd ever admit it or not. This is the person who deals with the cranky version of yourself who didn't get even close to enough sleep the night before. This is the person who cares for you through your hangover after a long night out. This is the person who starts your year (or at least the memories of the year that you're sober enough to remember) off on the right foot.

There's nothing romantic about a drunk kiss at midnight that only occurs because it's something that you feel like you have to do. However, there is something incredibly romantic about the person who's willing to deal with the least glamorous version of yourself on New Year's Day and still continue to love you through it.

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