New Year, Who dis??

Every start of a new year people make a change in their life to better their selves and life called a new years resolution. The goals could be to stop eating unhealthy foods or to start being a better person. When the new year rolls around, I tend to make a resolution but soon disregard it but this year I intend to stick to my goals which include the following.

1. Organize my life

Throughout the year of 2016, my life was a complete mess. I was so unorganized with life and school. So, this year I intend to get my life together by getting myself a planner and learning how to get my life together.

2. Enjoy the present

In 2016 I would often reflect on bad things that happen in the pass. As well as stress about the future way to much.Although, it's important to think about the future, it also important to live your life to fulliest and enjoy the present.

3. Start eating some what right

I'm going to start eating healthy. I'm a freak for fast food like Chick Fil A or Dominos but I need to start balancing out my eating lifestyle because it's a mess and I need to start eating bettter.

4. Try NEW things

I'm not a risk taker at all and I feel like that's held me back from a lot of things in life and slowed me down. So this is a goal that I really want to keep. I've missed out on so many oppurtines and I want to out that to an end ASAP.

5. Spend more time with friends

Not gonna lie, I would much rather lay in bed and watch netflix than hang out with friends which sucks but I'm being honest. I have so many amazing friends and I need to spend more time with them cause I love them and they need more time.

6. Have more confidence

I've always struggled with self confidence for a while now. I tend to delete pictures on social media if I feel like I don't meet the expections or change my outfit 20 times before I feel confident in one. So. This year I want to step out of my comfort zone and have more confidence in myself.

7. Write more

I love the oddessy online platfrom and I want to start being ceative with it and just putting my thoughts and ideas out there for the world. Last year, I barely produced any work and now I'm ready to go all in.

8. Priortize things

To keep things short, I need to stop focusing on boys and love and start focusing on myself and my life.

9. Learn how to save money

I'm broke AF and need to learn how to save money. In 2016, I was working a mimumin wage job and wouldd spend every paycheck on food and clothes I really need.

10. Read my bible more and spend more time with God

I've had Jesus in my life but I need him more than ever to get me through this year .

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