It's the new year which means the time to stat new goals, change your ways if you feel like you need to, make plans, travel more, lose weight, eat better, make bucket lists and everything else!

It's a new year to start over and do whatever it is you feel like you need to do, which is the best feeling right?

What are some of your goals you have thought about?

1. Save Money

2. Travel more

3. Eat better

4. Do random acts of kindness

5. live simply

6. Enjoy life

7. re connect with old friends

8. change careers

9. Clean the whole house and get rid of old things

10. Have a more positive outlook

11. Stress Less

12. Try something new

13. Recycle more than you throw away

14. Get involved with the big sister/ big brother club

15. Just try your best

16. Do what you love

17. Pay off student loans

18. Get outside more

19. Network more

20. Use your phone less

Whatever it is you chose to do will be the best thing!