The new year is upon us and our social media is being flooded with the 'new year, new me' bull crap as we speak. I hear it all the time from people; "this year I'm going to be different and I'm going to make a change." The only problem is that very rarely do people actually follow through with their goals and actually make a change.

This is why in my opinion, it's kind of pointless to set a New Year's resolution because you're probably not going to keep it anyway. Yes, I'm saying it; New Year's resolutions are stupid.

This year I did not set a resolution but rather I made a promise to myself to stay exactly the same, at least for the most part. I was all about making a resolution but then I thought would my resolution for the new year be any different for this year than it has been for the past five years?

Well, no but that's because I've had the same goals since I was 21: to become a strong, independent woman, to have a successful career doing what I love, to become wealthy.

Now before ya'll go all cray cray on me let me clarify what I mean by "becoming wealthy." For me wealth has a deeper root than money so when I say I want to become wealthy, I mean I want to become wealthy in life. I want to become rich in faith, love, and knowledge. But I mean if I happen to make bank while on my quest for the other things I'm not gonna be complaining.

But that's beside the point. Why make new resolutions when the ones I have are perfectly good? Instead of making new resolutions, I just need to work harder and focus more on my old ones and many of you should do the same.

If you've already set some good goals in the past, don't be afraid to revisit them. There's no need to stress yourself out trying to achieve new goals when the ones you have were great to being with. Sometimes it's good to keep things the same. You hear people say 'change is good' all the time, but change isn't always necessary.

I say stick with the old until you achieve your goals then you can set new goals or "resolutions" after you've mastered those. It's kind of like when a baby begins to be mobile, they have to crawl before they can walk. The same goes for resolutions. A lot of time people make these grand resolutions and by the end of the year they're disappointed because they didn't accomplish anything. Maybe if they focused on smaller tasks, they'd get better results. Any progress is good progress. Even if you didn't complete your resolution from last year, keep at it.

Here's my advice to all of you. Don't make a new New Year's resolution. They're stupid and the probability of not completing them is high. Think back to all the old things you wanted to get done but didn't accomplish. Work on those things. Don't think of it as a New Year's resolution either. Think of it as just making progress.

As long as there is some growth, that's all that matters. Embrace 2017 and make it your bitch.