Have you started making your New Years' resolutions?

1. Be more patient.

I get impatient sort of easily, and I need to stop waiting for instant gratification.

2. Be more calm.

I need to approach situation more calmly.

3. Be nicer to people.

Sometimes I am rude to employees who do something I don't approve of.

4. Start my day earlier- don't lie in bed forever.

I need to get out of bed earlier after I wake up!

5. Stop speeding in my car.

I need to stop speeding in my car and be more conscientious about it.

6. Stop buying unnecessary things and spending money unnecessarily.

I need to be a little more mature about spending money.

7. Stop stressing too much.

I tend to overthink things and think the worst of things, and make up the worst case scenario.

8. Be more productive.

I want to get less distracted, so I can get more things done.

9. Apologize more.

Apologize in every situation that warrants it.

Have you started thinking about your New Years' resolutions?