New Year, A Progressed Me
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New Year, A Progressed Me

To my dearest sweet new year,

New Year, A Progressed Me
J. Black's NYE


We wish and we hope for you to arrive.

Finally, we think.

We wish for a change, something that will bring us some type of light to our future year.

I hope for more like everyone else, a progression of wisdom and experience.

But one thing we don’t think about is enjoying right now, this moment; pondering on what we have been through and what we have today.

I ponder on the little things I learned about myself this year. Seeing how people have affected me in positive, and in some negative ways.

I enjoy and advise to relish those experiences, even the bad ones because those experiences have lead you on the current path you are on today.

Even if you are not on the path you wanted to be successful, or have lost a loved one or two, today you are here, and you are okay. You are alive, and you are full of new wisdom from experiences that you didn’t have a year ago. You’ve felt things you have never felt before this year, and these experiences have made you stronger, even if you believe otherwise.

I’ve lost someone, actually a couple. I’ve lost people in different ways I could never imagine. The hardest thing will always be letting go. These past twelve months I’ve learned how to handle the truth, be patient and move on. This doesn’t mean to forget, but to accept. Acceptance is one form of letting go, because I promise you this, it gets easier after this.

Maybe this year your unstable relationship has finally came to a heartbreaking end, or maybe you hit multiple bumps on the road that has caused you to reevaluate your future career path. Today, accept what was given to you in this past year, and take this statement with ease: You are okay and remember your life isn’t suppose to be perfect. These are the events in your life that are suppose to make you think, ponder on what is really important and what should be best for you. Be grateful for the people who stuck around and forgive yourself for the moment that weren’t your best. Don’t think about what was taken, because everything happens for a reason. Your mind full of knowledge, I hope you see and accept where you are today with positivity and understand that your future will be bright with experience.

Thank you 2016 for being the year that flipped me upside down.



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