At the beginning of this year, I was a completely different person. I was full of life and ready to take the year head-on. 2018 definitely threw me for a loop, added in a bunch of heartbreak and broken friendships, but I'm coming going into 2019 happier. This year has been one of the most mentally draining years I've ever had to face, but God has guided me in the right direction and I'm forever thankful for His mercy on my life.

I'm excited to finally have new doors opened for me and accept new opportunities in this coming year. 2018 only has about three and a half weeks left and I am determined to make them the best and end this year on a high note. No matter what I've been through this year, I can't let it stop me from moving forward because I can't live in the past.

I wanna work harder to be a better person to those around me and to be more accountable for my actions. I want to work harder in fixing myself before trying to fix others.

This next year is going to be what I need. It's going to be my year. I'm excited to see what opportunities come my way.
Thank you, 2018, but it's time for better.