I know everyone always says "new year new me" and blah blah blah, but this year is going to be a new year new me forreal this time! I have said it over and over and over again, but this year i actually mean it!

Let me tell you what i mean, i mean i am going to stop being absent friend! What is an absent friend you might ask, well it's a friend that will love you with my entire heart and go out of my way to support you in anyway that i can, but i kind of live my own live and do my own thing..i'm sorry i am really bad at communicating!

I also mean just because i stop being the absent friend does not mean you can take advantage of me. Do not get me wrong i am always going to be here for you like i said but i am not going to continue to do so if you don't take my feelings into consideration as well! I am so so so sick and tired of being that friend that listens to everyone else's problems but when it comes to me needing someone to talk to it seems like no one cares enough to even listen to me!

I am so over that so this year if you don't like what i have to say if you don't listen to me but i dropped everything for your issues and you didn't even think to take my feelings into consideration im sorry but there is the door! I am at the point in my life that if you don't care about me then i don't care about you..i mean it's just that simple, i'm not even sorry about it!I have learned a lot in 2018 like no one actually cares about you, they only really care about themselves and if they don't like what you have to say then they get all butthurt.

I mean i am all about changing the way i am being treated and whatever, but that's not the only thing i want to change in 2019! I am also going to change my health lifestyle, i am going to start saving money, i am going to really get my life together! My health this last year has not been the greatest and since i started to change my diet and everything i have been starting to feel a lot better and i would love to keep it up, i have some of the most supportive friends that have been here for me through all my issues and i thank you or that! As for saving money...yeah that probably won't happen but it's worth a shot!

2019 is about to be the best year yet, i can feel it!