Burgundy Bops For Your Summer Playlist
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Burgundy Bops For Your Summer Playlist

Exploring a variety of songs that can join you on your journey into summer.

Burgundy Bops For Your Summer Playlist

As the school year comes to a close like the dramatic season finale of a TV show, many starts to wonder what awaits in the summer. Whether you want to try new food, explore what's unfamiliar in your hometown, work, bask in the comfort of your couch, etc. there should be a playlist to embark on each journey!

It may seem odd at first, however, we're going to call this the "Burgundy" playlist (hence the title!). Certain songs evoke feelings of joy, sadness, relief, courage, and some evoke a color! Studies have shown that many people have Synesthesia, which is defined as a condition where the stimulation of one sense automatically evokes a perception in an unstimulated sense. (i.e. seeing a color when hearing certain sounds, words, etc.) So with that said, I have chosen five songs that feel undeniably burgundy to help guide you through the unexpected turns of summer. Your life is just a movie and here's a possible soundtrack!

1. "Ex" by Kiana Lede

"Summer loving had me a blast/ Summer Loving happened so fast!" Watching John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sing about the elation that comes with a summer love always paints a smile across many's faces. However, what if the love ended long before summer began? "Ex" by multi-talented singer/songwriter/actress Kiana Lede' offers a different spin on summer love (and love in general). Even though Big Sean's "IDFWU" feels good to blast when thinking about an old flame, "Ex" challenges the trope of hating an ex and hopes for peace instead. It also grapples with the mature concept of having a love for someone versus being in love and makes you wonder if you can identify the difference. The melody is graceful and there's an overall tranquil vibe that is perpetuated. Give it a listen!

Kiana Ledé - EX (Lyrics) YouTube

2. "Que Sera Sera Live" By Corinne Bailey Rae

"Whatever will be, will be" seems like a befitting mantra for the beginning of summer. Letting go of the weight from schoolwork, jobs, or life itself to recognize the next three months as a chance to refresh is an aspirational mentality to reach. The original song by Doris Day and remake by Natalie Cole are just as moving and carry the same carefree tone as well.

However, Corinne Bailey Rae has mastered the art of balancing soul with an air of intangible serenity. So, if any of your goals include finding peace or moving on from what you cannot control, I'd give this a listen!

Corinne Bailey Rae - Que Sera Sera - Glastonbury 2010 YouTube

3. "Spirit" by Majid Jordan

This. Song. Is. A. Vibe! I was able to attend a performance recently where a piece was choreographed to this song, and it automatically caught everyone's attention in the audience! The members of this R&B duo originally from Canada are Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. They signed to Drake's OVO Sound record label and released an EP called "A Place Like This' in 2014. "Spirit" was released as a single in 2018 and operates as more than a love song. It comments on the peace one finds in being unapologetically in love; fully succumbing to the rush of it all. However, it also doubles as a laid back club vibe as well, so you could really listen to this for multiple occasions!

Majid Jordan - Spirit (Official Audio) YouTube

4. "Juicy" by Doja Cat

A complete 360, "Juicy" is definitely a song you'd listen to while getting ready to go out! Doja Cat has become known for her eccentric style and music ever since her viral video "Mooo!" that released in 2018. She writes and produces almost all of her songs, and is infamous for constantly poking fun at how serious other artists take their work. So whether it's one's cup of tea or not, her unique ability to create a catchy sound with deeper undertones (depending on how you view it) is admirable.

*Explicit Language*

Doja Cat - Juicy (Audio) YouTube

5). "Sweet Thing" by Rufus & Chaka Khan

Although this song was released in 1975, years before the previous ones listed, it still works its magic decades later. For those of you basking in summer love, and those who don't have a special someone, this song makes you fall in love regardless. The band is originally from Chicago, Illinois and Chaka Khan was the lead singer who literally shined onstage with her signature smile. The raw emotion conveyed musically and vocally is what resonates within me and so many others. So, in the everlasting words of Don Cornelius, "Sweet Thing" can make you overflow with love, peace and soul!

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Sweet Thing YouTube

These are just a few songs that will hopefully kick-start your summer off on a peaceful yet fulfilling and fun note!

*Be on the lookout for the next list of colorful soundtracks!*

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