17 Ways College Girls Will Almost Certainly Use The New Pinching Hand Emoji

The newest set of emojis for the iPhone were just released and there were some pretty awesome ones. There are a ton of amazing options for those with handicaps But on top of all of that amazingness and innovation comes one emoji that will change the world in a different way.


Yes, you read that right, they actually made an emoji of a pinching hand. I don't know if this genius or pure stupidity yet. But I can assure you that as a college girl I am going to LOVE it. But for the college boys or really any guy in general this emoji may ruin their lives.

Now they can virtually pinch your butt as well as pinch it in real life, double whammy.

But for girls there are way better things to use it for:

1. Describing how much water we actually drink today

2. Describing how much money you have left in your bank account

3. Describing how much you actually knew on your test

4. Describing how much cranberry you want in your vodka cranberry

5. When you're lying about much coffee you've had to today

6. Talking about Chad with the giant pick up, who always sends you 'pictures'

7. Describing how much you actually want to go out Friday night

8. Describing the size of 'IT'

9. To send to that annoying tinder match who keeps sending you AWFUL pick up lines

10.  Add to the contact of all those frat boys who text you at 2 am with the 'U Up'

11.  Once again send to the annoying kid in your class who keeps sending creepy messages to you

12.  Lying about how hot you think Zac Efron as Ted Bundy is

Yes, we all know that he is a VERY bad guy, which is why we're lying

13.  Describing how much you actually like Sarah from KD

14.  When describing how much lettuce you actually want in your salad

15.  Describing how much gas you currently have left in your tank

16.  Talking about how great that frat party really was

17.  To ruin the life of every guy that you know

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