Recently, I sat down with Jordan and Andrew of Apollo LTD and asked them questions about their humbling begin, their musical inspirations, their new song and their plan for the future. With the love of electronic beats and groovy hooks on the rise, these guys should definitely be on your radar.

The start of Apollo LTD sounds similar to that of many other groups. The two guys, Jordan and Andrew met as random roommates at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee. There they dabbled in other rock bands and started their exploration of music.

When they felt like they had cultivated all they could from their previous outlets, they came together and started their duo. Shortly after splitting off on their own they came up with their name, Apollo LTD. When I asked what prompted this name Jordan explained that the name stemmed from their fascination with space. Growing up in the 90’s they were infatuated with shuttle launches and that’s where Apollo came up on their radar.

They thought the name was fitting as the Apollo space program and their group were both birthed from ambition and new ideas. After getting their named questioned for plagiarism reasons, they added the LTD to the end. They said that “if we could say the name with a straight face” they had come up with one that was good enough.

Their latest released track is "One in a Million." Though they aren’t typically into writing songs about love, this one just happened to draw inspiration from their lives as happily married men. Adam added that “musically it felt good” and that is was odd to see this song become the first released song.

Though, they don’t typically write songs that could be considered “love songs,” they thought “One in a Million” was an organic representation of their lives. They disclosed later that a lot of their lyrical inspirations come from reflection on life in general, whether that be mentally or emotionally. They also draw most of their inspirations through their personal relationships.

They’re also big believers in pop music, hooks, energy, and groove. This makes sense as they take musical inspiration from the like of Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Earth Wind and Fire, and the Beatles.

If you’re looking to hear more from Apollo LTD, you’re in luck. Jordan and Andrew are currently in the processes of recording and they’re releasing a new single next month. The first part of their new EP will be released at the beginning of 2018, and later on next year the second half will be released as well, thus creating their full-length album.