Disney's New 'Mary Poppins' Can't Live Up To The Original

This Wednesday, Disney will release their latest movie into theatres right in time for the holiday season. "Mary Poppins Returns" tells the story of a famous nanny, Mary Poppins. In the film, she visits the grown children she used to nanny, Jane and Michael Banks, in order to check up on them now that they have children of their own.

Mary Poppins Returns | Official Trailer YouTube

Growing up, Mary Poppins was always one of my favorite movies. Bringing a keen wit and stellar vocals to the role, Julie Andrews absolutely shined in her Oscar-winning performance. Paired with Dick Van Dyke, these two co-stars are surely the dynamic duo to top in the movies. With that being said, their absence in returning to these iconic roles is sure to make the entire film feel as if something is missing. The two actors had a chemistry that brought a certain charm to the movie, one that cannot be replicated. Those who have ever watched a stage version of the movie can attest to this. Luckily, fans of the film will still get the chance to see Mr. Van Dyke make an appearance.

With that being said, that does not mean that I am still not eager to see the film. There is no better person to revive the role of Mary Poppins than Emily Blunt. Not only that, but any musical theatre fan cannot resist the chance to see Lin-Manuel Miranda in action (especially if you couldn't afford Hamilton tickets when he starred in it). I am confident that this new movie will be filled with the cleverness, allure, and even nostalgia that came with the original 1964 picture.

After all, Disney even bringing back 2D animation for this film! Still, Mary Poppins Returns has some big shoes to fill. Perhaps Mary Poppins truly is the only one who can be "practically perfect in every way."

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