New Jersey's Greatest Shore
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This Is Jersey's Greatest Shore, As Told By Its Beachgoers

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This Is Jersey's Greatest Shore, As Told By Its Beachgoers
Bruce Emmerling

New Jersey is notorious for its beautiful beaches, great boardwalks, and fond summer memories. Songs and even a TV series have been inspired by the Garden State's coast. Without a doubt, the best shore to visit in New Jersey is...

Heavily debated. Especially around this time of year when families book beach house rentals and make plans with friends, you always have to ask, "Which shore?" Generations upon generations of New Jerseyans/Jerseyites have grown up along the shore, but where exactly along the coastline, matters to many.

I surveyed 40 Jersey beachgoers about their favorite shore town and here's what they had to say.

Cape May

"Small town, cute local shops, really nice and clean beaches that are close to the water, nice people, and great food."

"I grew up going there, and it has lots of things to do besides just going to the beach."

"Classic. History. Food. Lighthouse. Nice sand."



"Hella parties."

"I'm a teenager and it's the 'hangout'; though the walk is a killer."

Stone Harbor

"No parking meters, fewer crowds compared to its neighbor Wildwood, and an awesome center town area. Also, the beaches are well maintained and there is plenty of room."


"It's quiet and low-key without being boring. You're not going to deal with Sea Isle/Ocean Sh*tty/Seaside scum, but you can still turn up at the Princeton."

"It's quiet, clean, and family friendly! Plus, it's about 10 minutes away from my house! I've gone to Avalon my whole life."

Sea Isle City

"It's calm and clean. There's a little pavilion/boardwalk, and Ocean City is not far for a night trip."

Ventnor City

"I've grown up going there ever since I was an infant! The beaches are always clean and the people are always friendly. My whole entire family goes to Ventnor every summer, so every weekend, there's a mini family reunion on Dorset Ave! I have so many memories on that beach that spans 18 years. Ventnor holds a special place in my heart."

Atlantic City

"Great for day trips. Close, plenty of space, free beach, and eating options."

Seaside Heights

"It's got the best of both with a good boardwalk and good beaches, while also being enough distance away to fully feel like going down the shore."

"I have had a shore house there since I was little. Plus it's where Jersey Shore was filmed, which is ICONIC!"

"I grew up there. I have so many memories."

"Because I said so."


"It's right by Seaside Heights so you get the fun boardwalk, but the beaches are way cleaner and less crowded!"



"Coney Waffle."

Asbury Park

"Calm boardwalk and fun concerts in the area."

Long Branch

"Pier Village is fun, and there's a Surf Taco. It's also only a few minutes from the Monmouth Mall."


"It's not as crowded, and the town of Seabright is really nice with a lot of good bars and restaurants."

And in second place as Jersey's greatest shore town...

Ocean City


"It's clean, has a great boardwalk, and is family friendly."

"It has a bit of everything. Nice beach, boardwalk, good food!"

"I love it because it's clean, kid and adult friendly, not horribly crowded, and an awesome boardwalk."

"It just feels like home to me and I know where everything is. It's just chill there."

Now, ladies and gentlemen.

New Jersey's Greatest Shore is...



"For the variety of breakfast and lunch options nearby, usually family or small businesses, such as Bageleddi's and Surf Taco!"

"Tradition. The old school motels are nice. Good restaurants. Overnight trips are good here."

"It's a great place for families."

"It's humongous and also CHEGG."

"It's not garbage like the rest of them."

"It's quiet!"

"Have you been there?"

"No boardwalk, more laid back, and a beautiful beach."

"It's less like a city and more about family time together. There's LOTS of food that isn't nasty boardwalk pizza. The beach is actually spacious and nice to walk on."

"There are sections where you can get complete peace and quite like Barnegat Light, but then there are seconds like Ship Bottom and Surf City where you can get more excitement and nightlife. It's also not a dry town, which is a bonus!"

"It's superior to all other beaches, 18 miles of happiness, and Old Barney Lighthouse."

The New Jerseyans and shore-goers have spoken! What's your favorite beach spot in New Jersey?

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