To My New Friends
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To My New Friends

I'm kind of thankful for you

To My New Friends
Paris Morris

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area half my graduating class either went to San Diego State, Cal Poly, or CSU Chico. So that meant when those people stepped on campus in the fall they had a list of people they already knew and could already lean on.

I did not have that luxury. I moved 2200 miles away from home and went to school where I knew almost nobody. And while I learned a lot about making new friends and putting yourself out there - quite the challenge for an introvert like myself - what I learned to be most grateful for is the people I have met in these four months here and the memories we have had.

Dear New Friends,

Thank you for coming to say hi and introducing yourself during the first weeks of school when nobody else in my hall was social.

Thank you for coming to take care of me when I was sick - even though you fell asleep in my bed and I ended up taking care of you but that is beside the point.

Thank you for sitting on the floor and eating feta bread with me when I was sad - and helping me take out the garbage when the two garbage cans in my room were filled to the rim with empty pizza boxes.

Thank you for dragging me to the library when I didn’t want to go so I could study and pass my exams.

Thank you for taking turns staying in and babysitting me when I was in fact dying.

Thank you for teaching me how to handle cold weather. In exchange for that I will forgive you for making fun of me for wearing my parka “too early in the season.”

Thank you for the endless cuddles and movie nights and cookie cakes oh my.

Thank you for helping me understand economics by putting it in terms of fraternity boys and nail polish.

Thank you for letting me nap in your beds when I didn’t feel like walking back to my dorm.

Thank you for letting me raid your closet when I had nothing to wear.

Thank you for the endless brunch dates even if we had to use all of our savings accounts to pay for it.

Thank you for making me go to semi formal, turns out I actually had a good time.

Thank you for ordering me cookies and ice cream when I was sick even if I didn’t actually get it because there is no service in my building.

Thank you for showing me what is like to have people care as much about you as you do about them.

Thank you for becoming family.

Four of my dads best friends to this day are people he met in the same contexts that I met you guys, and I can’t help but wonder if my relationships will parallel his.

Love Always,


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