Everything That Is Wrong With Self-Care In 2019
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I Stopped Trying Too Hard When It Came To My Self-Care And I'm The Healthiest I've Ever Been

A better way to take care of yourself.

I Stopped Trying Too Hard When It Came To My Self-Care And I'm The Healthiest I've Ever Been
Tessa Lebo

Self-care isn't always getting enough sleep, eating healthy and focusing on how you feel and look. I have always thought of self-care as caring so much about what you put in your body. I was always thinking about how to feel even better, healthier and happier.

For a while, I was the healthiest I've ever been. Every doctor I saw would tell me I'm in great health and nothing is wrong.

Hearing news like this only stressed me out more because I wasn't happy.

How could I be so healthy but not feel whole?

I realized I was thinking way too much before anything I did because I wanted to always make the right decision. Sometimes the stress of trying to live so perfect can do more harm to the body and mind than good.

You might try and do everything the "right way" but sometimes the best self-care is doing everything wrong and not thinking at all. The best way to be happy and healthy is to free your mind.

Try and only do things that make you happy. Focus only on fun things to add to your life and see how everything changes. Go out with your friends and get drunk, and/or go to steak and shake at 2 a.m. and order anything you want off the menu, despite the number of calories.

Self-care can get confused sometimes and some think it's all about being strict with yourself and eating right and going to the gym five days week, but that's not the only form of self-care.

The best way to feel better and to get to know yourself is to create experiences that you will laugh at for days after and forget about all responsibilities.

Just do everything you want without thinking about it. Taking care of your body can mean eating cake and breaking all the rules if that's what you want to do.

I hear people make the mistake way too many times that they want to take some time to focus on themselves, be alone, be on a diet, do a skincare routine every night or make sure to brush their teeth and floss every day.

I have never felt better about myself than when I just lived and didn't think before I ate and think before I made a decision.

The times where I focused on all the good in life and where I wanted to travel and who I wanted to be with, those are the times that I felt like my genuine self.

Not focusing on my health for once was the healthiest I have felt in a long time.

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