The New Culture of Dating Thanks To Texting
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The New Culture of Dating Thanks To Texting

The New Culture of Dating Thanks To Texting

Dating has never been an easy ground, no matter the time period. The introduction of cell phones has brought about a new level of communication that can either enhance or weaken the dating field.

While some are a fan of texting while dating, others feel that they have made relationships impersonal, while also promoting too much constant communication.

 Although the advancement of technology has been awesome for relationships, especially long distance relationships, I don’t particularly like the idea of having to text my significant other or potential partner 24/7 in order to show that I am interested. No one should be sitting around on his or her phone all day able to text back and forth. You should have a job, classes, or face-to-face interactions with other people! Texting is great to make a quick and easy plan, but some mystery is sexy! If you are talking all day long, then when you see each other at the end of the day you already know about how their day went and what exciting things they did, so there isn't as much left to talk about.

Chivalry should not be dead just because we no longer ride horses around and have balls and wear fancy gowns and suits on the daily. Men should still be gentlemen, which means getting out of their car and coming to the door, ringing the doorbell, greeting the parents and walking their date back to the car and opening the door. This new trend of just texting, “I’m here” is absolutely ludicrous.  Along with this is the craziness of breaking up over text message. Both boys and girls do this, but my goodness have a little respect for the person you were dating. Break ups are awkward, they will always be awkward, but tell the person to their face. Do not just stop responding to him or her or send a quick text saying,  “Hey I want to break up. I’m sorry its just not working out”. 

Being passive aggressive and having arguments over text is so common now that it seems to be a part of life, but before texting people had to work out their problems in person. I believe that is the only way something can be truly resolved with a minimal amount of emotional damage. Texting leaves out Important nonverbal forms of communication like tone, facial expressions and body movements, all of which factor into what a person is saying. It is definitely easier to get upset or dump someone via text message because you can hide behind a screen, craft your response perfectly and wait as long as you want to respond. You can screen shot an argument to send to your friend to ask how to respond. You can sometimes see if someone read your message but didn’t respond. You can cry or scream without letting the other person know you are hurting. While all of those are great things I do not believe they create and help maintain a healthy, mature adult relationship. 

I believe that once you graduate from high school you are truly starting to date for marriage. It may be years until that happens, but you should date people with potential. It is important to build a relationship on values you cherish. Respect and communication in a relationship are key, so do not begin a relationship that lacks either. You and your partner also should't have an excessive amount of communication because in the real world, when you work 40 hours a week, you cannot sit on your phone and respond to your partner within minutes.   

The world will keep changing and so will our culture and habits, but no one has the power to determine better from worse between cultures, and that is not what I am trying to do. I am just pointing out what I miss about relationships before the consistent texting culture began and why I believe it is not truly benefitting us. 

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