You Never Know What A Person Goes Through

You Never Know What A Person Goes Through

People are willing to help you, if you are willing to open up to them.


It is important not to assume that people are doing perfectly alright when you see them. Some people tend to appear to be stronger than they really are, and we must take into account that there can be something going on in their lives that are affecting the way that they actually feel. Just because someone always appears to be in a cheerful mood doesn't always mean that nothing in their life is making them feel sad, hopeless, or anything else. Although we cannot see beyond the physical,we must be considerate because we don't know how certain things affect a person specifically.

This article was written with something that was shared with me recently in mind. My father works for the local subway system and has to be involved with tragic events at times. More often than not, he has had to appear on the scene of a passenger who decided to end their own life by jumping on the train tracks just as a train was going by.

Before these types of events occur, the person is walking around probably displaying no signs of what they are feeling and they decided to end it all by jumping in front of the train. I know this is a very extreme example, but it illustrates that a person may appear to be fine on the outside but can be battling something inside. It was also the most recent story that was shared with me and ever since I found out I kept thinking that you just never know what a person is really going through.

To the person who appears to be happy and strong at all times but feels otherwise internally, I want you to know that you are not alone and people around you are willing to help, you just have to be open to them so that can help you in a way that they best see fit. I have recently been trained to be more aware and notice signs and actions of the people around me that may be going through rough times in their lives, and I now feel like I could help a person to the best of my abilities. Even if you open up to a person and they can't help you directly, you can always use them as a resource that will help guide you in the direction where you can get the help and support that you need.

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