Never Give A Guy Your Full Attention Unless He Does The Same For You.
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Never Give A Guy Your Full Attention Unless He Does The Same For You.

If you have to beg for someone's attention, then you don't need it at all.

Never Give A Guy Your Full Attention Unless He Does The Same For You.

Can anyone tell me why we give guys our full-undivided attention, but yet they can’t do the same for us? Why do we start to think he is ignoring us if he doesn’t instantly reply to our text messages? If they won’t do the same for us, then why are we doing it for them?

I’ve never been in a relationship, but I don’t need to be to know that no man deserves your full attention. I know being female that our minds are always racing. They race when we send that risky text message or just a simple hello to that one person who you think cares as much for you as you do for him. I’m going to make this real simple and easy to understand. If the guy is not doing the same for you, then do not do it for him. If you’re the one always texting him first and if he only texts you at night, then stop giving him your full attention. Once you stop giving the guy your full attention, if he doesn’t care that you stopped, then he never cared about you in the first place.

It is a huge waste of time to give guys your full attention. Boys will make you cry and hurt you without having any remorse toward your feelings. However, a man who is actually interested in you will make the effort to see you, to talk to you, to make you happy, etc. He won’t make you wonder every 5 seconds where this is going. His intentions will be clear. If he’s right for you, then you’ll both have the same intentions, and above all, your feelings for each other will be equal. If you’re in a relationship and you have to step back and wonder where this is going, then maybe you shouldn’t be in that relationship because it’s probably going nowhere and life is too short to waste your time, energy and heart on something or someone that isn’t going anywhere.

There a million and one things in this world that should have your full, undivided attention. Don’t let some guy be that one because he surely won’t give you his. Your career, family, goals, education and many other things deserve your full attention. Don’t live a life where a boy controls your actions. Go travel the world, learn new things, make mistakes and discover the lesson from it, meet new people, learn a new language, etc. The possibilities are endless in this world; don’t limit yourself to so little when there is so much more in this world. Go out there and explore it, you’re not getting any younger. I promise you you’ll find your special someone along the way. Someone who will earn your attention.

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