You never have the right to tell someone that their beliefs are wrong. Never. You are not God or any higher power to tell people what they can't and can believe.

Lately, I've come across people who have tested my faith and for a split second they made me doubt it. Never again. You have no right to tell people what's wrong with their religion or to try and shove your religion down their throat. You can talk about your religion to people of different religious beliefs, but in a different manner.

I've had pleasant conversations with people of differing faiths where they've told me about their faith and I've told them about mine without getting into arguments. In fact, I find it really cool to learn about other religions. I like to know a little bit about other religions to not only be educated but to also be able to understand other people from different backgrounds better. I think it's so important to be respectful and mindful that other people will have differing views from you and that's completely okay.

At the church I work for, we have meetings in the morning where we talk about prevalent topics and what we are going to teach the kids that day. The other day we were talking about what may test your faith. My boss started talking about how other people sometimes can test our faith by saying harsh things online that can cause us to believe that maybe they're right.

That happens to so many of us. People can be so rude and hide behind their keyboards, but we have to try our hardest to not let others test our faith. Your beliefs are special because they're yours. Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want to believe in. We have the freedom of religion, which is such a beautiful gift.

To the people who have tried to change my beliefs, I will pray for you. I hope that you see the error of your ways and learn to love others and accept that not everyone is going to be like you. The world is such a diverse place and I personally wouldn't want it any other way.

With diversity comes so much to learn. We can teach each other so many things and learn from each other rather than spread hate and violence. We don't have to hate others because they have different beliefs.

Now, go enjoy your faith and be the best you you can be. Don't let anyone stop you but also don't stop anyone else from being themselves. Learn from others and teach others too.