Netflix Or A Movie Theater?
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Netflix Or A Movie Theater?

A good question indeed.

Netflix Or A Movie Theater?

It's the relatively age-old question: Movie Theater or Netflix? To help you develop your opinion on the matter, I have given you a nice compilation of some factors to take into consideration.

1. Movie selection:

Movie Theater: 9. In the terms of seeing the new, hip and happenin' movies, the movie theater wins.

Netflix: 5. Netflix has more movies, but they are really a hit or miss. It's like digging for gold; sometimes you get the nuggets, but sometimes all you get is dirt.

2. Cost:

Movie Theater: 5. If you go to the right place at the right time, going to a movie can be pretty cheap. An early morning movie after a nice big meal (to avoid having to buy snacks) can cost you only $7. For one ticket.

Netflix: 10. You pay $8 per month for an endless selection of random movies, and that is pretty sweet.

3. Level of Comfort:

Movie Theater: 5. In the theaters that don't have the recliners, comfort isn't always the best. You can try and prop your feet up on the seat in front of you, but if someone is occupying said seat, and you still feel the need to stretch out, you run the risk of accidentally stepping on their head. However, you do have the ability to make yourself comfortable by bringing a nice blanket or two. I've seen it done, and those people have looked pretty darn comfy.

Netflix: 10. You have the pleasure of having your bed to curl up in. Or a nice warm couch sitting across from the fire. You can rearrange yourself as much as you want without being scrutinized by the couple behind you.

4. Time Constraint:

Movie Theater: 6. There is a lot more effort that has to be put in when deciding

Netflix: 10. When I say 10 for this one, I mean it has less of a time constraint, meaning that it is better in this case. Also, you have the freedom to binge watch.

5. Level of Romance/First Date Material:

Movie Theater: 10. A perfect date. Add some dinner and badda bing, badda boom. Going to the movies with a dinner tagged on at the end is prime, especially for a first date. If the awkward small talk dwindles away, there is always a common topic for the two discuss: the movie you just saw.

Netflix: 3. Too many connotations have become associated with Netflix to make the action somewhat romantic. I would venture to say that if someone suggests you solely watch Netflix on a date that there's a bit of a red flag there...

6. Food:

Movie Theater: 6. Going to a movie allows you to treat yoself. You're already giving yourself a solid two hours of relaxation, why not get yourself a nice 20oz Coke and a massive bowl of popcorn?

Netflix: 8.You don't have to pay for your food. Well, at some point you did, but you can make yourself a nice bowl of macaroni and cheese just the way you like it and then watch the movie.

7. 3D Movies:

Movie Theater: 10. Movie theaters offer 3D movies (if the movie is supposed to be in 3D). And some things are better seen in 3D...

Netflix: -10. Netflix doesn't offer 3D movies.

8. Interruptions

Movie Theater: 9. In a movie theater, there are little to no interruptions. If you're seeing "Finding Dory" where there's a nice family of five with twin three year olds, there is a bit of a higher chance that there will be problems. But if you choose to see something like "The Purge: Election Year" or "The Conjuring 2", the interruptions would be minimal in comparison. (unless you count your own embarrassing screams as interruptions...)

Netflix: Your dog has to go out. Your roommates come home. If you don't do it right, watching a movie on Netflix can go from a time of relaxation to a workout with the flick of a switch (or garage remote, or a paw on your leg)

9. Going to the bathroom in the middle of the movie:

Movie Theater: 3. Not a good place to go if you want to watch a movie and are cursed with a weak bladder, especially if you do indeed treat yoself to that 20oz. Coke. Not only will you be missing part of the movie that you just paid to see, your dysfunctional urinary system will also be interrupting the movie goers around you.

Netflix: 9. If you have to pee, you can just pause the movie and take your sweet time because the only person waiting is yourself, unless you have other people around.

10. Screen Size:

Movie Theater: 9. It is so much easier to get really get into a movie when your almost enveloped in it.

Netflix. 4-5. Unless you are enormously rich, you probably have a smaller screen to watch your movies on.

11. Midnight Premieres:

Movie Theater: 10. Midnight premieres are the best because you are just as enthusiastic, just as dedicated as everyone in the theater with you. The whole room just pulses with excitement, making the whole experience

Netflix: 4. You can watch a movie that you haven't seen at midnight if you want. I do it all the time.

12. Falling in love with movies:

Movie Theater and Netflix: 1000000000000000000000000

What do you think?

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