Why 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Is Scary Good
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Why ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Is Scary Good



Thanks to the ABC 90's sitcom, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, you're probably already aware of who Sabrina Spellman is. However, the Sabrina you'll meet, if not already, in this new reboot is nothing like the witch Melissa Joan Hart played. This hot new Netflix series is positively much darker and terrifying than anyone expected. Filled with violence, suspense, and occult trappings, the reboot explores identity, sexual tension, and the struggle of doing what's right.

1. It embraces old horror by relying on practical effects instead of digital effects.

Despite some CGI at play, the demons look ancient and traditional. Satan himself appears as a goat demon, with the hooves emphasized. It makes the show almost scarier as the monsters look more realistic as that's how they're historically been described.

2. As a women-led series, it celebrates women with so many different female characters. 

It empowers women through Sabrina standing up to Satan himself, her best friend, Susie Putnam, standing up to her bullies and ghosts, and other best friend, Rosalind Walker, standing up to her patriarchal principle. Additionally, her aunts, Zelda and Hilden, are just badasses.

3. It's paced in a way that continuously keeps you on the edge of your seat.  

Each episode helps play into the season's overarching storyline, which is whether Sabrina will choose the Path of Light or Night. Additionally, the series doesn't hesitate to explain what you need to know. It cuts through all that boring intro. The show also really dives into its characters, giving depth and dimension to them, showing that not everything isn't always what it seems.

4. The entire story is told in a circular nature.

The show begins with the days leading up to Sabrina's "dark baptism." Not wanting to cut off contact with her mortal friends as the baptism requires, she chooses not to follow through with it. However, in the finale (HUGE SPOILER), she must endure the baptism to save her friends and family.

5. It reinforces that anyone, even a witch, can be a hero. 

Sabrina fights for justice and equality by calling out Satan himself and defying him. However, like any superhero, she faces many consequences for her boldness. Although she initially succeeds in her mission, she ends up failing as she is tricked. Nevertheless, she remains positive and never gives up.

6. It's more than just a horror series. 

Although the series is dark with some high jump scares and creepy scenes, it's not enough to be defined as a horror series. Moments of positivity in the show's scariest, darkest moments allow the reboot to have humor.

It does an amazing job diving into and exploring the subplots. 

Despite the series praising Satan; therefore, coming off as pretty Satanic, it's balanced by the moral world Sabrina faces. Going back and forth between the worlds of adolescents, adults, mortals, and witches makes the show intriguing as it creates dramatic tension.

8. It tackles every day issues in a fresh perspective. 

It addresses modern day issues in a unique way by tangling them with the supernatural world. Sabrina stands up to her coven of powerful witches and warlocks that could easily destroy her, which is similar to individuals standing up to a patriarchy in the real world.

9. It simmers with sexual tension. 

The sexual tension between Sabrina and Nicholas Scratch, a charming warlock at the Academy of Unseen Arts who fancies her, makes you emotionally invested as you scream at the TV for them to hug, kiss, OR do anything together for that matter. Sabrina and Harvey Kinkle are cute together, but they're boring. The sexual tension between Sabrina and Nicholas is so thick, you can't help but ship them as they would make a hot, unpredictable, and positively bad couple.

The scariest thing about Sabrina is just how good it is. Cuddle up to your best friend and start binge-watching 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' on Netflix today. And if you already have, why not again?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflixwww.youtube.com

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