6 Netflix Shows To Binge This Summer
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6 Netflix Shows To Binge This Summer

Because who needs a life?

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We are already a month into summer and if you are looking for something to do all day other than sleep, binging on a show is a next-level way to relax. To those of us who get really into certain shows and can't seem to do anything else, I guarantee all of these picks will have you obsessing.

So, grab your popcorn and ice cream because here are the top six shows you have to watch this summer. (Not in any particular order because, let's face it, shows are impossible to rank).

1. "Friends"


If you haven't already watched friends, I don't know where you have been doing all of your life. Not only does the show have 1990s and early-2000s nostalgia written all over it, but it mixes comedy, romance, and lovable characters. I am not even kidding when I say that I am pretty sure I have seen every episode 20 times and can repeat lines from memory. You have to give this classic show a try, you will be watching it on tbs for years to come. (BTW Chandler is hands-down the best character).

2. "The Office "


Another classic, you have to watch in order to live. The Jim and Pam romance is debatably the best part of the show, but the awkward humor and witty script make this show amazing. It is relatable in the weirdest way, whether you have worked in an office or not. Since the episodes are about 20 minutes, it is really easy to watch a whole season in one sitting. Trust me, just try the show through season two, you won't regret it.

3. "Gilmore Girls"


I don't know why I always thought this show was about old women (probably the title). I just started this show myself, I think I am half-way through season two, but I can already tell I am obsessed. It has that wholesome feel of Friends, complete with the cutest mother-daughter relationship, not to mention a couple of cute male characters (including Chad-Michael Murray). Definitely worth the time.

4. "Dexter"


If you are more into the psycho-murder shows then this one is for you. Cute psycho, check. Romance, check. Crime AND humor, check. The plot is actually very well-written and the sister and brother got married and divorced in real life. Talk about drama.

5. "Breaking Bad"


This show also has a different vibe from the first three, but if you enjoy drama, action, crime, and sprinkle in science and drugs, then this one is perfect. The characters have some twisted lives and morals, but all the better. You wouldn't imagine that your high school chemistry teacher would team up with an ex-student to make meth, right? Wrong. This show is a must watch.

6. "Riverdale"


This show is definitely the cheesiest of them all, but what do you expect from a show adaptation of the Archie Comics? The real reason anyone lives for this show is Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Betty (Lili Reinhart), who are dating in real life by the way. But if you can get past the cliche and cheesy moments, the plot and acting are actually really good and represents a wide-range of people. So, if you are a fan of "Gossip Girl" (not bad at the beginning, but I couldn't finish it) or "One Tree Hill" (attempted once, could not get past the first episode) you might want to give this one a try.

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