I am a not a musical savant by any sort. Some would say that I know next to nothing about music, I would agree to some extent. What I do think I possess is the ability to identify a great song. A song that transports you to another world and makes you wish that you were with the band when that song was created. That's just my personal opinion.

Do you remember in school when a teacher would give you a sheet of paper with questions on them asking you about yourself? You may have had to write down your favorite song or your favorite band and you were like "sh*t I have to lie on this paper or say 'I don't know' to seem cool because I truly do not have a favorite song or band!" Or maybe that was just my personal experience during these dreadful, stressful questions. FYI my favorite song in my high school yearbook was "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox 20...crushed it. Nevertheless, a few years later I am able to at least answer one of those questions. I now have a favorite band! I know, it's an exciting time, hold the applause.

I stumbled on NEEDTOBREATHE early in my high school career with their famous song "Something Beautiful". I couldn't and wouldn't pretend to be a die hard fan then because let's be honest I knew one popular song that everyone and their mother knew. Now I can say I am a die hard fan. Not in the sense of attending every concert that they've ever performed because honestly who has the money? Not in the sense of knowing everything about each member of the band. Truthfully their names could be Mo, Larry, and Curly and I wouldn't be the wiser. I also didn't know they were an American Christian Rock band until I googled them so oh well guess I'm a closet freak who loves Christian Rock music, it was bound to happen. I am a die hard in the sense that I know forwards and backwards every lyric to all of their songs. It took me until the summer of junior to fully appreciate the love I had for the songs that NEEDTOBREATHE was producing, but know that I do they are on constant loop in my Spotify account.

As soon as I heard "Difference Maker" I was hooked. From "Something Beautiful" to "We Could Run Away" to "Angel at my Door", NEEDTOBREATHE songs can fit your every mood. If you need to be motivated to get up and start your morning "Slumber" is the song for you. If you need to know that your life is worth living and that you matter, "Difference Maker" is the song for you. If you want to listen to a little country-esque swing dance type song (in my opinion), "Girl Named Tennessee "is the song for you. Out for a run? Listen to "Drive All Night" to pump you up and get those legs moving. Want to turn on a sappy love song to make you feel all the feels? Got you covered with "More Time".

Those are only to name a few but each song is beyond stellar. I don't any fancy musical terms that can persuade you but just take my word for it. There albums are all on point. Whether your listening to Daylight, The Reckoning, The Outsiders, The Heat, or Rivers in the Wasteland I'm sure you could find some tunes that you enjoy on these albums.

When I saw NEEDTOBREATHE live at an outdoor concert in Raleigh I knew that I had probably peaked at this point in life. I never realized how awesome concerts are when you know the lyrics to all the songs! You can actually sing along instead of pretending you're in the know and mumbling the words. It was a blissful experience and I'm glad I got to see my favorite band live with some killer openers to boot.

No matter the day, no matter the time, no matter your mood there is always a NEEDTOBREATHE song waiting for you to play it. So thank you NEEDTOBREATHE for allowing me to finally be able to honestly and completely fill out those stress induced questionnaires. My younger self thanks you and my older self is indebted to you.