Never thought you'd leave so soon. I can't even remember the last time that I talked to you. Yet, I remember what we talked about. I feel like I'm clutching onto the memories of you. I can't seem to let go, but I have to, there's nothing to even hold onto now.

Is it even possible to miss someone so much? Why does missing someone hurt as much as this hurts. There's days that it hurts to the point where all you want to do is lie in bed, head in your pillow, and cry all night long.

I wish you could come back for just one day. I would make that one day count for so much more than I would ever be able to imagine. We could sit there and reminisce in the good ol' days, when we were young, wild, and happy. What I would do to see a smile on your face. I just want to be able to tell you stories about how I'm hiding the boogeyman in basement and he's waiting for his daily 10 pound steak served rare.

You taught me what it's like to be a big sister to a little brother before I even had one. You were the closest thing I had to a little brother until mom gave me one. I should've never lost touch with you when I moved away. You meant so much to me, you still mean so much to me. I know I never told you this, but I was so proud of you when you graduated and when I thought you were walking down the right path. You could've been such an amazing person.

I never even got to say goodbye. Nothing is harder than not being able to say one last goodbye, especially since it's the final goodbye. Well, I guess here it is. Good bye, I hope you rest easy up there in heaven. I love you, always have and always will.