With finals week just around the corner, nerves are setting in as well as maybe some regret. There is lots of work to be done like writing those last few papers, catching up on readings, and the worst of all--group project presentations. These last few weeks are going to be a bumpy ride up until we hit the end of finals week. And through all the craziness that it is, these five points are easily forgotten; yet can also be vital to finals week success!

1. Study where you want, when you want

The best part about finals week is not having any classes and being able to devote all your time to studying for finals. Not having to stay on campus for classes allows you to change up your atmosphere and study somewhere new and motivating. Go to a new library, or coffee shop that isn't too loud, by yourself or with a friend that keeps you focused, and knock stuff out!

2. Do something that YOU like to do

Although it may seem as though there is no time to breathe or to take a break, taking time for yourself is MOST important. Taking a couple of hours to do something that is fun for YOU, allows you to step away from studying for a bit and refocus. Go on a bike ride, watch a movie with friends, or go to your favorite museum! Taking this time to relax and do something that you enjoy can be vital to your studying success!

3. Keep yourself laughing with finals week memes

Oh the joy of finals week memes. Finals memes are relatable and can bring the laugh that you've been needing for the past week. Make sure to tag your friends in them, to share the laughs together (because there's nothing better than laughing together in pain).

4. Sleep is important

Don't underestimate the power of sleep. Whether it's at 9pm or 3pm, make sure you're squeezing sleep in you're schedule. Students often think they can get by without it, in order to complete all the tasks on their plate. However, it only makes studying harder and overall, unproductive. Remember that by sleeping, you ARE being productive. It helps you to concentrate, recall, and work better.

5. Christmas is just around the corner

Although it may seem far ahead and never attainable, the day that your finished with all your projects and finals will come and before you know it, you will be beginning your 4 weeks of vacay--time with family, your dog, you cat, your brother, your sister, you best friend, your favorite hometown restaurant, etc. The day will come. So have it as your motivation to finish strong and with diligence.