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9 Tips For New North Carolina State University Students

Helpful hints to help you get through your time at NCSU.

9 Tips For New North Carolina State University Students
Cameryn Sharkey

Helpful hints to help you get through your time at NCSU.

1. Use Google Calendar

Everyone always says it and I promise you it is definitely worth it. MyPack has a feature that allows you to directly import all of your classes into Google Calendar with one click of a button. You can also subscribe to org calendars.

2. Always request football and basketball tickets

Even if you know you cannot attend, there will most likely be someone you can give it to whole will use it for themselves or a guest and get you that loyalty point. If you cannot find someone to give it to just return it before the game with no penalty. Also, you may end up changing your mind about things and be able to go to the game.

3. Be ready for some walking

Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes because if you have only 15 minutes between classes that are across campus from one another, your feet will not be happy in uncomfortable shoes. Rain jackets, umbrellas, and rain boots also come in handy for walks across campus on rainy days.

4. Download the Rider app (or any other app that tracks the Wolfline buses)

This one is definitely a must if you are busing between Main Campus and Centennial Campus, live in Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge, or just simply hate walking. Apps like Transloc and Rider allow you to view the bus schedule in real time so you know when the next bus is coming. For engineering students, the 3 Bus is by far the quickest and most direct link between campuses.

5. Have back-up schedules in mind when registering for classes

Registering for classes is always stressful because advisor meetings, the wakey enrollment order, and classes filling up quickly. When you plan that perfect schedule in your shopping cart, be sure to look at when other sections of the classes are offered so you can quickly switch them out if one fills up before your enrollment period.

6. Make sure you have GroupMe downloaded

Whether it be for study groups, clubs, or a large friend group, GroupMe is almost guaranteed to be the first app people will jump to use. This app has do not disturb features and is very useful when you do not want to give out your number to people directly.

7. Don't spend outrageous amounts of money on t-shirts

Free t-shirts are given out many, many times throughout the year. I went to school with only two of my own NC State t-shirts I had bought and came home with almost 30 after my freshman year.

8. Reserve group study rooms early

The group study rooms in Hunt and D.H. Hill libraries are helpful for study group meetings, a quiet place for you and a few friends to do homework, video interviews, or for you to sit alone and really focus on your work/studying. Remember to book these as far in advance as possible as the reservation slots open a week prior to the date you want and tend to fill up quite quickly.

9. Parking hack

Parking at NC State is pretty crazy, but if you have a parking pass for a parking deck, you can park in any other deck after 3 pm without getting a ticket. Not many people know this, but it is on the transportation website and is helpful if you travel a lot between campuses.

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