Navigating The World Of Writing Websites

Navigating The World Of Writing Websites

Writer's are often left to make big decisions on where to post their work without a lot of information on what's out there.


With millions of writers around the world, not all make it to the big time and are published. Most writers take to the Internet to self-publish their work and get it out to the world. The only problem is…what website should a writer choose?

Since the market is flooded with various networking websites, blogs, and more it can be hard and confusing to pick the right Internet venue for you. Here are some of your options:

If you are looking for a more professional and upscale setting with a very exclusive vibe then Fictionaut is the website for you. However, here are a few catches. The major one is that you have to request an invitation to join the literary community. Because it is still in its beginning stages of development, the websites creators decided to only allow in some writers and they get to decide who can post and who can’t. In this sense this website might not be for beginning writers looking to get some feedback on their latest work of fan-fiction. For those writers who are more serious and view writing as their career this may be more of a website that would be beneficial to your career as a writer. On Fictionaut you are able to discover new writers and works on the constantly updated stream, publish your own work for discussion and criticism, connect with fellow writers, readers, and members of the publishing community, and join groups discussing a wide variety of topics in the writing world.

If you are looking for a more laid back and casual setting then would be beneficial to your Internet authoring experience. Signing up for a profile is free and very simple. While Fictionaut is a more professional setting such as LinkedIn, is more of a Facebook-type-feel where writers can post work and get feedback on it. There are many things to explore and use to your advantage on the website, such as finding friends, receiving feedback on your own work, creating your own blog, joining writing discussion groups, contests, and courses. Another Facebook-type-feel website is Scribophile. On this website community you are able to give feedback on other writers' work and you earn Karma points for how much you write for a review. When you have a certain amount of Karma points saved up from writing reviews you are able to post your own work on the site for people to review. You are also able to join fellow writers in writing groups that talk about various topics and you can start writing groups. There is also the chance to write for contests on the website where you can win a lot of Karma points.

If you are just looking for a place to post work, especially fan-fiction, for the world to see then you may want to consider joining Wattpad. Wattpad is a place to post your work, under 2,000 words, to the Internet for anyone on the Internet to see. You are able to tag your work under specific topics that pertain to your specific story, which is helpful to readers who may look up wide genres and topics. This is the most laid back website for writers on the market today.

Multiple people have thought of a good idea and they decided to run with it. As a result, there are multiple writing websites at our disposal. It just depends on whether we can find them and if we pick the right one. So whether you choose a more professional route or if you are testing the waters or somewhere in between, there is always a website for your specific writing needs.

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