Nationalism being named has made America a bit crazier
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Nationalism Has Sparked New Violence In The U.S., And Trump Has A Lot To Do With It

This comes only one day after Trump declared himself a nationalist.

Nationalism Has Sparked New Violence In The U.S., And Trump Has A Lot To Do With It

Nationalism is a word that has always been negative to me. The idea that one is superior because of where they have been born is a concept that has never made sense. But that word, so filthy in my mind, has sparked threats of violence, not even 24 hours after President Trump made use of it.

Recently countless politicians and organizations, all of them openly opposed to Trump, dealt with very real bomb threats. It is a testament to our very divided to society that both Conservatives and Liberals are reacting very differently to this.

The left is appalled and frightened that this happened so quickly. This appears if they are to be believed to be an immediate reaction to Trump's speech about being a nationalist. Meanwhile, the right sees these attacks as a series of false flags to make the president look evil right before the 2018 midterms.

As I am a human and thus part of the vast tribalism that our country is dominated by, I will offer my personal input. I think the left is right on the money in this case. History has shown time and time again that when the far right rises to power, it does so through violence and blaming the other side of its own misdeeds.

As I have already pointed out, Trump has invoked nationalism. This vile belief system creates a system of elitism that leads to the death of innocents. This whole America first idea that was a pillar of Trump's campaign foreshadowed the very real danger. Replace America with Germany or Italy or even Spain and the words of a Fascist Dictator Wannabe become quite clear.

Yes, I have invoked the F word and Goodwin's law in one breath. Strange is it not that Goodwin himself has revoked his own law. There are actual Nazis in the street and we all know who they support. They long for a "pure" America. Blood and soil is their rallying cry. I am betting many things that I am unable to actually gamble that they had a hand in these bomb threats.

Another brewing issue, right in line with this increase in violence, is trouble at the border. The caravan from Central America is coming closer to our southern border. And by lurking on multiple Conservative boards, I have witnessed their calls for death to these people - calling them invaders and terrorists in disguise they continue to invoke their favorite form of Antisemitism: George Soros, the Jewish Liberal billionaire that has become their boogeyman.

Wait, was Soros one of the ones that had a bomb threat today? Oh silly me, that is just a coincidence. Clearly, the Democrats are behind this. They must have sent bombs to themselves! Yes, that is it! And they hired a bunch of actors to pretend to be refugees so that they can pain the man of the people Trump as a villain.

It's really sad that I have to point out that the above paragraph is sarcasm. Ya know, Poe's law and all. But I assure you that many people in this country really do believe what I just stated in jest above. And the fact that a group of Americans will so easily be willing to kill humans on command is a frightening red flag for me. My family avoided death for the most part in the Holocaust. But there are already concentration camps in the U.S. and a large group of our citizens support them.

I'll be carefully watching how events play out. It might be time to get out before I am killed depending on how things escalate.

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