Nathan Sykes: Bringing Soul Back To The Top Charts

Nathan Sykes: Bringing Soul Back To The Top Charts

After the split of "The Wanted" and a short break, Nathan has returned with a new style and a Grammy-worthy sound.

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Originally, the youngest member of dispersed music group “The Wanted,” Nathan Sykes, now 23, is slowly beginning to build a new name for himself in the world of music. Releasing his first single earlier this summer, Sykes returned to the music scene with a bang. “Kiss Me Quick,” followed by “Over and Over Again,” a soulful piano ballad that will melt your heart, proves that Nathan has so much potential as a solo artist. Also, his song "More Than You'll Ever Know" comes with a music video that emphasizes his incredibles vocals and unique style.

Born in Gloucester, England, Sykes was influenced by music early on in his life from his mother, a piano teacher. Growing up, his love for music blossomed into a successful career as ¼ of The Wanted, best known for their hits “Glad You Came” and “Chasing the Sun”.

As of September 30, Sykes released his song “Famous,” an amazing piece of music with a 1960s soul sound, similar to Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. With an album set to release in early November of this year, Nathan Sykes has only just begun his rise to the top of the music world as a singer, songwriter and musician.

Through his social media platforms, he promotes all his upcoming music as well as continues to show his genuine love for his fans through contests, interactions and regular updates on his life. Even though Nathan Sykes has developed much, in terms of sound, since his days in “The Wanted,” he’s still the quirky, charming and pleasant kid from Gloucester that “The Wanted” fans fell in love with in the beginning.

On his own, Nathan can now express his unique sound of R&B mixed with pop and a little soul. “Give It Up” featuring G-Eazy shows how well Sykes can adapt his sound from soulful and sweet to fun and danceable. I strongly suggest that anyone looking for something new in the music world to check out Nathan Sykes.

You can check out his music video for “Give It Up” here and “Over and Over Again” here. Also, he can be found on Twitter, Snapchat (@sykesmusic), Facebook, and Instagram.

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