redfining beauty from the movie nappily ever after

This movie isn't just for the women who have to deal with the struggles of maintaining their hair. The point of this movie goes beyond that. This movie reaches to the most tender place of every women's heart: Confidence. It's something that we all strive to have but so very often fall short of.

Most people see the title of this movie and immediately get turned off by it. If you're not an African American woman, then clearly you can't enjoy this movie, right?


This movie follows a young woman through her journey of loving herself despite what she looks like. She battles through some of her deepest insecurities and learns how to be authentically herself- something that every young women should strive to do. There are two love interests the main character has, but the best part is that she doesn't end up with anyone one of them. Her story ends with her finally realizing that there is no shame in hiding who she truly is. She learns that the standard of perfection is something that is no longer worth attaining, and what matters the most is loving the woman that she is.

I enjoy wearing makeup and I love when I'm having a good hair day. But there are most defiantly days where I completely am not secure in how I look. Ladies, do you have ever have those moments where you just look at yourself in the mirror for a solid 5 minutes nit picking every single thing you don't like about yourself?

I've been there too. I'm here to tell you that whatever negative thing you just said about yourself can be turned into something beautiful. Everything about you. From the individual hairs on your head to your toes, you, sweet friend, were created to be beautiful in every sense of the word.

What I love most about this movie is that she learns to not place her worth in the hands of others opinion of hers. This is such an important lesson we can learn. So often we put on this facade to give off the impression that we have it all together.

News flash girlfriend, It's okay to not have it all together. It's okay to have a bare face, frizzy hair, and acne. Outward appearances are great, they're just not what matters the most. What matters the most is how well you love yourself, and that changes the way you love others.

Once the woman in the movie accepted herself for who she was, you can immediately tell that her heart was free from the bondage of putting on a show for others. She was free live in confidence and she was able to show others what it truly means to be beautiful.

If you're reading this and are feeling a bit crummy about yourself, do this exercise.

Stand in front of your mirror and say out loud, all the things that you love about yourself. Not just your outward appearance, but your personality too. Your intelligence, your whit, everything that makes you who you are.

There is never any harm in speaking the truth of who you are. Tell the women in your life they are beautiful, but not because of their outward appearance. Tell them they are brilliant and strong, resilient and brave. A force to be reckoned with. A warrior.

Society tries very hard to redefine the definition of beauty. Lets be a generation of women that changes that.

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