We all have that one friend who pretty much goes MIA during the afternoon.

I am that friend.

Since my freshman year of college, I have truly been able to master the art of napping.

As crazy as napping may seem to some, an afternoon nap is truly life-changing. There is nothing better than cuddling up and taking a little snooze.

Here are all the thoughts I have as a "Nap Queen:"

1. Wow, I know I got a full night's sleep, but I could really sleep some more.

2. *drinks two large coffees* I'm ready for my nap!

3. Why am I awake right now? It's 2 p.m., prime nap time.

4. Why did I not take advantage of nap time in elementary school?

5. What am I going to do in the real world when naps no longer exist? *cries a little*

6. Oops, I overslept my 3 o' clock class...again.

7. This public bench looks like a good spot to get some shut-eye.

8. Wow, I have so many alarms on my phone.

9. A 7 p.m. nap is definitely socially acceptable? Right?

10. Oh, I can't go to that, it's during my nap time.

11. *looks at phone* Oops, I missed everything while I was sleeping...

Keep on napping my friends!