Growing up, "Lilo And Stitch" has always been my favorite cartoon movie. I loved everything about this movie — the characters, the themes, and the settings. The thing that I really loved about this movie was the relationship between Nani and Lilo.

Nani was Lilo's older sister, who essentially became her mom after their parents tragically died. She looks after and supports Lilo like how any mom would. This reminds me of my sister and I's relationship so much. Growing up, my mom, a single parent, was always at work and never really home. So, instead, my sister took care of me the way a mother would. She looked after me and cared for me more than what a normal older sister would.

In the movie, Nani and Lilo have a 13-year difference in age, which leads them to constantly argue and fight. My sister and I have a 12-year difference. Due to this huge difference in age, the way we treat each other changes. Even though she's my older sister, I do look at my sister as a second mother sometimes. She has looked after my entire life and this bond makes us different than most sisters.

Just like Nani and Lilo, my sister and I have definitely bickered to the point where we have exchanged "I hate you." I may be generalizing, but I think it's fair to say that many people experience fights like these with their siblings.

When you and your sibling are polar opposites, shit always goes down.

My sister is the fire to my ice. The Ying to my Yang. Opposites for sure. Like Lilo and Nani, we would ignore each other for days. Our mom becomes the unwilling litigator. It also doesn't help that my sister looks down on me like a daughter to the point where she starts to control aspects of my life. I love her, but it can be a little overbearing.

At the end of the day, just like Lilo and Nani, we love each other more than anything and nothing can break it.