NSFW WARNING: Article contains an image that might not be safe for work.

Melania Trump, the current wife to United States Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, is known to be a former fashion model and possible future first lady of the United States. Currently, her naked body is printed on the cover of the New York Post. Melania Trump like you've never seen her before was published by the New York Post displaying multiple photos of Melania back in 1995 during her younger modeling years. According to the photographer, Alé de Basse­ville, Melania “was super-great and a fantastic personality and she was very kind with me.” The French photographer also stated that Melania was very professional and treated this photoshoot just like any other job. Now, these photos were taken three years before meeting her future husband Donald Trump in 1998. With the United States presidential elections just around the corner, these photos and other “dirt” are now being surfaced. Definitely a dirty move the New York Post did by plastering her nude art as an attack against her and her family.

Melania Trump took these photos 21 years ago during her modeling career. Her and many other women have done nude art for years. Not only women, but male nude art is very common as well. For centuries, nude art has been around to show the beauty of the male and female human body. Art like this was made to awe and astonish people; not use to attack and shame the model. To attack the possible future first lady of the United States in this manner is embarrassing on the New York Post behalf.

Should Melania be embarrassed for the photos she took decades ago? No, she should not be embarrassed for the art she took apart of. I personally wouldn’t be embarrassed. What is the issue that people have with nudity? Perhaps every body doesn't look exactly alike but that doesn’t mean we should be embarrassed about showing some skin. Free the Nipple campaign and other public nudity activist are becoming more popular to embrace the beauty of the human body. Nudity is natural to all animal kind. No other living creature dressed up in clothing like humans do. I am not saying everyone should just be naked all of the time but perhaps being more accepting of nudity.

Nudity does not always have to be sexual. Nudity does not equal or mean sex. Posing nude should reinforce confidence in one's self and positive body image. Humans naturally have all different kinds of body shapes. Skinny, fat, tall short, all are natural things for male and female humans can be. Nudity is natural and should be more accepted in our society.