When I had graduated high school I immediately thought to myself that I wanted to join a sorority.

I never had a lot of female friends in high school so I thought that it would be fun to have house full of them. As I got older I noticed that a lot of girls I went to high school with had joined sororities and you would think that I was jealous of them but, in the end I wasn't as jealous as I thought I was. Now, I have all of the upmost respect for girls in sororities. A lot of girls that I worked with were in sororities and I never understood how they were able to balance time for their families, full-time school, part-time job, a social life, and obligations to their sorority but; I will say that all of the semi-formals and formals looked like a blast. Now, you are probably wondering why I didn't join a sorority if I loved everything about it. I loved the idea of a sisterhood and the idea of having a big and future little; I just simply did not like the idea of how I had to pay an extravagant about to become a sister.

Let's fast forward a few years to where I left my first job and decided to work at a store where I was shopping at since I was probably about fifteen years old. It was a great store where everything sparkled and coincidentally it was ALL girls. Now, keep in mind that I never had a lot of female friends in my life (besides for the girls that I worked with for three years) so I was BEYOND uncomfortable and nervous that they would not like me. Little did I know; I got along with all of them really well. I originally started my second job as a door greeter but when the other girls found out that I would be hired onto the team as a sales associate they were all so happy which made me excited to get to know them all better.

The moment i finished my sales associate training and was shadowing some of the other girls I got a chance to get to know my store manager better and even get to know the other girls on a deeper level. When I tell you that this group of girls make my life so much better i kid you not; they really do make everything better in my life. From cheering me on with my sales to cheering me on in my life, they are the best group of girls I could ever ask for when it comes to working in a store full of females. I may always kid around when I tell them that we need more testosterone in the store but I don't think that any guy would be able to handle all of the girl talk or how happy we all are when we see each other at work. Seeing these girls everyday, starting from the bottom and working my way up, and having a mentor to show me the ropes each day made me realize that my work was my sorority.

You would think that working with all girls would be dramatic and yeah somedays we get annoyed with each other but in the end we all love each other. From celebrating little victories together to being there for each other when we are upset and need to vent or even have a shoulder for us to cry on; I never would have thought that I found my own sorority.