My fifth day in Italy, I went to Pompeii

Day 5 In Italy: Pompeii

Visiting Pompeii can make you sad, good thing beaches make us happy

Brooke Burney

In the morning around 8 o'clock we head to the train station that is nearby. It was about a two hour train ride and once we got to our destination, we got on a tour bus and drove for another hour. Finally, we pull into a restaurant that is right next to ruins from a giant volcano in Pompeii.

We first went into the restaurant where we were served pasta and gelato and during our meal, one of the employees began to play a guitar and sing to us.

After this we went to explore the ruins of Pompeii with a local tour guide. We walked among about half of what was left of Pompeii and learned the history of most of it. We mainly saw auditoriums, houses, and buildings but we walked through one of the brothels and saw some preserved (and hopefully casted) lava victims. The beds in the brothel were made of stone and the surface was mostly pointy rocks. We were told they were made uncomfortable because they did not want people staying overnight there. And since there were people who visited from all over the world, there were pictures on the wall that the men would point at to order what they wanted. We also saw the "arrows" that pointed toward the brothel and we were sure to get pictures with at least one.

I promise it's an arrowBrooke Burney

There was this common area were we saw shops that had been destroyed along with the things inside of it, even a child, an adult, and a dog. It was kind of like a closed off museum.

One of the shops

Looking at the plastered corpses, it seems kind of creepy and really sad. Especially when you think about the situation in which they died. The dog is extremely hard to look at, if you decide to look it up. Anyway, after our tour of Pompeii, we went to check into our hotel. Luckily, we got a room that had an ocean view and it was truly incredible.

Hotel room viewBrooke Burney

Actually, this is the Mediterranean Sea. Our tour guide said it was safe to go down to the beach and we did. We could have taken a gondola to the beach but we walked instead. We had to make our down four steep ramps before we made it to the water.

The rampsBrooke Burney

Once we did, we took some pictures and then decided to swim.

The beachBrooke Burney

We found out that sea urchins had taken over the docks. We almost touched them but luckily, we saw them before we did. We only got to swim for about 30 minutes before we had to go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner. We ate, visited with one another, and were given a choice to stay at the hotel or go get some gelato. Almost everyone stayed because the tour guide did not take us, only told us how to get there. My friends and I did not go either because we needed to take showers after swimming. So this night was a relaxing one as we called our moms and talked about how excited we were for the next day.

Tomorrow, we ride to Capri!

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