3 Questions I Need To Be Answered ASAP In 'Outer Banks' Season 2
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3 Questions I Need To Be Answered ASAP In 'Outer Banks' Season 2

*Spoilers Ahead!* Season 1 may be over, but I have my predictions for how the story continues.

3 Questions I Need To Be Answered ASAP In 'Outer Banks' Season 2

Although season 1 of the Netflix original series, "Outer Banks" has been released for a few weeks now, I am already anticipating what will hopefully be on upcoming seasons. Again, this article includes spoilers from here on!

'Outer Banks' is a television series about teenagers who live in the Outer Banks islands of North Carolina, where there is a distinct class separation between the rich, referred to as the "Kooks," and the poor, referenced as the "Pogues." Main Character, John B. is determined to find his father who went missing out at sea in search of lost treasure on a sunken ship.

After months go by of his father not returning, John B. and his friends follow his dad's legacy and find the gold themselves. After finding the treasure, another man in search of the treasure hears of where it was all stored and steals it. In the season finale, as he was about to fly out the gold to the Bahamas, a murder of a sheriff is planted on John B. and he is forced to run away from the island with his love, Sarah.

In my opinion, the show ended full circle and if it did end here, it would make sense. There are still unanswered questions I have for the show, though.

1. What Happens to Pope, Kie, and JJ?

I think that since the three best friends of John B. are convinced he is dead after running away, they will make their priority to search for him and prove their denial of his death is worth it. Kie and Pope will most likely continue with their fresh relationship, although Pope may get jealous of Kie's deep desire to find John B.

2. What Will John B. and Sarah Cameron Do Now?

The Camerons will most likely find out that Sarah and John B. survived. This is important because her father is the man who stole the gold from John B. Once the Camerons find out they are alive, I think a confrontation and brawl may uprise between the father and John B. again as for who keeps the gold. If Ward Cameron does not keep a percentage, I believe he will immediately address the cops about the "stolen" gold, fulfilling his desire to lock up John B. I think the couple will still be able to make their own life in Nassau as planned, before this disaster stirs up again.

3. If The Gold Is Found by John B. and Sarah, What Will Happen To It?

I think that if the couple succeeds in finding the treasure in the Bahamas, they will try and live out the life they planned to have together: still Pogue style. They would be humble about the money and use it for good; maybe build a home, get a dog, and open up the sandwich shop she envisioned. I think that they would save money for JJ, Pope, and Kiara, who would each use it for different purposes.

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