I Run for Me

My Running Motivation Is Wanting To Better Myself

After a recent conversation with a friend who asked about how I keep myself motivated run, I recalled that motivation to accomplish a goal.


Over the last few months, as I have gotten back into a regular running routine, I have been thinking about my personal running goals. Thinking back to when I was younger, I realized that I still have the same running goals. I have always had a desire to run a 5k, moving to the next step by running a 10k, continuing even further by running a half marathon and to hopefully one day run a marathon.

When I really began to reflect on these goals, the sign-ups for the 3rd annual Bearcats Dash and Bash had just been released and I was like okay God I hear you, I see what you are doing here. For this race, you can either choose to run a 5k or a half marathon and I have to be honest, I was a little scared to sign up. It would be my first race ever and up until that point I hadn't been training for a race, nor had I ever trained for a race.

However, while staring at my screen for the registration and sign-ups I was taken back to a conversation that I had, had with one of my best friends the previous day. We were having dinner together when she suddenly brought up lifestyle and fitness, luckily we weren't eating any junk food, but she proceeded to tell me about how she has always been impressed with my dedication to working out. That no matter how tired I felt or how busy I was I always made the time to get a run in, and she would know well due to my daily Snapchats to her. Already feeling incredibly humbled by several compliments she then proceeded to ask me "how do you keep yourself so motivated?" And honestly, the answer is simple. I do it for myself.

My key motivation for running is that I am doing it to better myself. In the morning when I wake up and I feel exhausted and I don't want to go for a run I still go because I know that I will feel more awake afterward. The days when my muscles are super sore I still go on a run because I know that sore muscles equal stronger muscles. When I am feeling sad, angry, overwhelmed, stressed, or just have an overall negative feeling I go for a run because exercise releases endorphins. I go for a run because it is the lifestyle that I am choosing to live so I am a healthier person overall. I am doing it for me.

It the constant remembrance of this motivation that has gotten me to the point in which on October 7, 2018, I will be running my first 5k. I will finally after I don't even know how many years, be accomplishing one of my main goals as a runner in the Bearcats Dash and Bash with one of my best friends running right next to me. I am no longer scared because I have recently been reminded that I am running this race for me, and I could not be more excited.
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