God has given me a passion for children. Children have the ability to see the good and believe in it more so than adults. It has become my mission to preserve and protect their dreams and innocence. My job as a professional princess is a magical outlet for my ministry that not only creates happiness for the children but hope for their generation.

As soon as I step out of my "carriage," the sound of children's feet stomping the pavement and tiny voices calling out my royal name begin to register. Before I realize it, I am engulfed in hugs from what feels like a thousand small kids. However horrifying this may sound to some, I am in absolute heaven. All of the worries I carried with me have disappeared and I am filled with contentment. The sounds of laughter escaping their smiles have given the surrounding space a sense of beauty and peace. I realize this is something I love and the cake I came for was just a bonus.

As a child, I dreamt of what life might be like if I were a princess like the ones I would watch on television so often. My imagination sent me to far away kingdoms where every desire of mine would be fulfilled. I would be special in the eyes of those around me. People would serve me in whatever way I saw fit. There would be no such thing as sadness or neglect. Instead, this job has become my service to others and my ministry to share God's love. I believe this is why I put such importance on making every child at the parties I entertain feel like a princess. I want them to believe they are worthy of greatness. When children say things such as "Princess, I want to be just like you when I grow up", I make sure to reply with "You are perfect just the way you are. You are beautiful inside and out." Confidence is key when establishing who they are as they grow up and they deserve to know how special it is to be unique in a world caught in envy.

Too often, the parties I entertain are attended by children who live in poverty or neglect. Being invited to a birthday party is an extra special moment for these children because they have the opportunity to indulge in activities they may not get at home. A princess in attendance is a treat they will talk about and remember for a very long time. This gives them hope in whatever situation they may be dealing with at such a young age. Many times children will say they wish to be a princess when they grow up and this gives me the window to tell them that anything is possible and that I believe in them. The ear-to-ear smile I receive in return lets me know they believe this as well. Children need encouragement starting from a young age in order for their transformation later in life to be made easier.

I remind myself throughout the entire event to "Be positive princess; you do not know the effect you have in their lives." Life has become a positive experience even in the hardest of times through the special children I come in contact with. Being subjected to the optimism and loving nature of children is enough to survive the hurricane of life. The childlike dreams expressed to me as I kneel beside them in order to be at their level, hold the largest space in my heart. This encourages me to follow my passions and dreams so that I may be an example to young girls and boys. Though small, knowing I have an impact on a life brings greater responsibility. These responsibilities are not of the kind one can list in a simple job description. However, the responsibility I carry is one I would not trade for the world. When I place the tiara on my head, I become a symbol for youth. I am a role model for love, happiness and success.

This is not the job I see myself holding throughout my adult life, but I will forever cherish the memories and lessons I have learned along the way. The most beautiful moments in life are those which bring a smile to my face without any realization of it. Being a part of a simple, yet influential role in a child's life gives me a smile like no other. These are the beautiful moments I will not forget.