To my parents,

As my high school career comes to an end, I want to take time to say how much I appreciate you and love all that you do for me.

Thank you for all the times you have driven me to and from places when I couldn't drive. I wouldn't have been able to enjoy all the events and games if you didn't take me.

Thank you for dealing with my OCD of checking my grades and my obsession with it. I don't know how you dealt with it. But it's incredible.

You have been through my weakness and strengths throughout school and I wouldn't have been able to get through it without you. Giving me endless advice and support in every decision I made was a blessing. And still is.

My endless sass and stupid jokes — thank you for putting up with my BS.

Thank you for providing me with independence and letting me do things on my own. If I didn't have the independence I would be completely lost. I really would.

Continuing to give me financial support is a big one, going to the movies or going out with my friends you would always give me money and I couldn't be more grateful for that. When I was struggling to find a job you still supported me, even when I have a job now you still give me financial support because you want me to worry about school and other things than money. That is a true blessing.

Thank you for teaching me how to love someone and what I deserve.

Thank you for being my number one supporter in everything I do — school, grades, decisions I make, through my disease and going to events. The list goes on and on.

I know I sometimes don't seem appreciative of all that you do for me and our family but I am, here's to the next four years and the next chapter of our lives. Thank you for all you do and loving me endlessly. I love ya!